Cell Phone Comparison Websites Help Consumers Save Big

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Cell phone comparison websites, like http://www.cellchecker.com and http://www.wireless-phone.com, are now helping American consumers save millions of dollars by giving them the ability to compare all of their local area's cell phone plans, from every major cell phone company, side by side on one website. Most of the consumers who visit these types of comparison websites will find that they are able to save hundreds of dollars on their new cell phones and wireless plans, just by buying them online, instead of at the local company cell phone store.

With the proliferation of cell phones and cell phone plans now available in the United States, how is, “The Great American Consumer”, supposed to know which wireless company's plan or cellular phone is the right one? Which of the 10 cell phone kiosks at the local mall holds the best wireless plan? Which one of those 200 shiny new cell phones has all the bells and whistles that the average consumer really needs without spending hard earned dollars on gizmos and gadgets they don't need and will never ever learn how to use?

For consumers who use the Internet, answers about the best cell phones and wireless plans are now available online at the click of a mouse. And, the best information available doesn't come from the big cellular companies or cell phone manufactures anymore, but from wireless comparison websites like http://www.wireless-phone.com, http://www.cellchecker.com and http://www.calling-plans.com that are now starting to dominate the cellular sales market. Even official company websites and their brick and mortar stores can't compete with the plans and cash-back cell phone deals now being offered by online cell phone comparison sites.

Comparison websites in all industries are now blowing away what is offered at local brick and mortar stores, and cell phone comparison websites are no different. Wireless comparison websites tend to have 5 to 10 times as many free phones than do the brick and mortar stores and websites for the large wireless phone service companies. And, instead of just getting the phones for free or at a reduced price like at the "Official Company Stores", most comparison websites offer cash-back incentives with many of their free cell phones (with the purchase of a new cell phone plan of course). This should be a little surprising to the average consumer, when they consider the fact that the prices for the wireless plans offered by the "Official Company Stores" and websites are exactly the same as the prices offered on the non-official cell phone comparison websites.

Consumers looking for new cellular phones and cell phone service should answer the following 4 questions, before buying their new phone and service, to make sure they are getting the best deal possible:

1- What cell phone bells and whistles are needed, not just wanted?

2- How many cell phone minutes are needed each month?

3- What is the price quoted on the big 5 wireless phone company websites?

(This is usually the same price as charged in their brick and mortar stores.)

4- What are cell phone comparison websites offering for the same thing?

Once all of the above questions are answered, the best cell phone and wireless plan can be purchased, either online or at a brick and mortar store, with the confidence that comes with being a well-informed consumer.

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