$250,000 Cash Bail for Faxing Warrants AZ's 'Supervening Indictment'; The Accused Alleges False Arrest and Notices Officials of Intent to Prove His Innocence

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Under Arizona criminal procedure, it is firmly ordered that the prosecuting attorney has a duty to make continuing disclosures to the accused regarding the case. Rev. Stone says that no disclosures have been made to him concerning the harassment charges. Court ordered disclosure under Arizona state rules of criminal procedure 15 thru 15.7 forces the prosecution to work with Stone; however, Stone, representing himself, says that his rights are being denied. Meanwhile, he will comply with the rules by disclosing his list of witnesses that include Gov. Napolitano, AZ legislators, President Bush, Harding and many others, and he will present a list of documents to support that he is innocent and that his imprisonment is an act of official retaliation.

On Friday, March 24, 2006, civil, human, and children’s right advocate Rev. John W. Stone was granted a “Not Guilty Arraignment”.

The "Not Guilty Arraignment" was held after the preliminary hearing was vacated, and before the actual supervening indictment was given to him. Stone says that this act was one of several acts to purposely deny his due process rights.    

Stone is being held at the 4th Avenue Jail in Phoenix since March 8, 2006 on a $250,000.00 cash only bail for one count of aggravated harassment.

The charge was made by Kent Harding, former landlord and owner of Lighthouse Mortgage Company in Phoenix, and principal defendant in the Stones’ lawsuit filed March 2, 2006, now pending in the Superior Court in Phoenix. Harding, is accused of the theft of the Stones’ property.

The Stone’s property, including incriminating evidence against Harding and others, was alleged to have been stolen on September 8, 2005 with the Stones' other property. This event occurred after Stone and wife filed a chapter 11 bankruptcy and a civil rights and bankruptcy racketeering lawsuit in the Federal District Court in Phoenix.

According to Stone, many officials were immediately notified repeatedly concerning the theft, including the bankruptcy court, the federal district court; but, the Stones were ignored.

An official police report was filed on November 20, 2005, with the Peoria Police, which list the Stones as crime victims and is still pending. Stone’s wife is preparing supplemental charges to that report concerning Stone’s false arrest for harassment that directly stems from the theft of their property on September 8, 2005.

On September 13, 2005, Harding obtained an injunction from one of the judges named as a defendant in the Stones’ federal case after several phone calls from the Stones to recover their property in Harding’s possession. Stone was unaware of the injunction against him until he was served the order the later part of January 2006.

The Stones believe that because they were acting in the interest of the public as good Samaritans, they are being condemned and punished because of lawfully pursuing corrupt officials. They allege that the criminal acts, including the injunction, is part of a conspiracy to oppress and corruptly interfere with their bankruptcy, their businesses and lawsuits, which they say had an effect that accomplished exactly that.

Case laws penalize the prosecution for acts of theft and failing to preserve evidence. Those cases prove that the theft of the evidence prevents the Stones’ due process in all present and future litigation.

Stone says that he is preparing to use expert testimony to prove damages to himself, his family, their businesses, creditors, their lawsuits, and the harm to a minor with a health condition and scholastics.

Stone says that he will be revealing a long list of witnesses, court orders, and other documents. Witness list will include Governor Napolitano, Arizona legislators, and other officials including President Bush. Certain individuals, as well as third party victims will also be called to testify.

The Stones allege that the false arrest and unlawful imprisonment has aided Harding and accomplices, and has produced more crimes against them and has caused historic revelations and exposures.

Stone, a civil rights advocate as well as a firm advocate against murderers, says that he is incarcerated with accused murders and other hardened criminals, placing him in a compromising position. He has discovered in paper work of other prisoners, evidence of misconduct and collusion by the prosecution and public defenders that could free murderers and others.

Stone says that it is not that the prisoners are innocence. It’s just that the technicalities and misconduct, if pursued, could free many prisoners including those who should not go free.

Meanwhile, Stone claims that he has been denied his constitutional protected rights and should be released; that everyday that he isn’t, compounds the violations.

Rule 15.6 under Arizona criminal procedure states that "disclosure" is firmly ordered that the prosecution has a duty to make continuing disclosures. Stone says that no disclosures have been made to him concerning the evidence against him, so far. More on story at: http://www.theexposure.com

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