“We’ll Watch Your Back” Unites Sassybax with Hollywood Stuntwomen and National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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Sassybax's unique focus on the back earned it the title of Official Bra of the Stuntwomen’s Association of Motion Pictures. The bra line stands out in the $5.1 billion bra industry as the one that smoothes silhouettes without creating distracting bra bulge. Sassybax will celebrate the new Hollywood distinction by helping women watch their backs in even more profound ways by helping the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence to raise money during April 2006 online at the bra company's Web site.

To some Hollywood stuntwomen, a Sassybax bra is as important to her professional image as dental veneers are to a top-billing actress. Movie watchers don’t scrutinize the face of a Hollywood stuntwoman, but do watch her back closely as she performs feats that make leading ladies appear seamless on film.

This focus on the back is what led Sassybax to its new status as the Official Bra of the Stuntwomen’s Association of Motion Pictures, and what makes it stand out in the apparel industry as the bra that smoothes silhouettes without creating distracting bra bulge even under form-fitting clothes.

Sassybax will celebrate the new Hollywood distinction by helping women watch their backs in ways that could protect their lives. For every bra sold online at http://www.sassybax.com throughout April 2006, Sassybax will donate $5 to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the only national organization of grassroots shelters and service programs for battered women. “Our contribution to the Coalition and our alliance with the Stuntwomen’s Association sends a message that when women watch each others’ backs, we are stronger on every level,” says Amanda Horan Kennedy, CEO of Sassybax.

The executive director of the Coalition, Rita Smith, agrees. “The only way we are going to stop domestic violence in our communities is if we all watch each other’s back and take action. Thanks, Sassybax, for watching our backs and caring enough to act.”

Jane Austin, president of The Stuntwomen’s Association for Motion Pictures and national board member of The Screen Actors Guild also applauds the effort to help women look and feel strong, inside and out. Austin is a veteran stuntwoman, five-term president of the Hollywood institution, and spokesperson for the effort to create a stunt category at and Academy Awards in 2007. “To serve as a stunt double for actresses such as Uma Thurman, Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightly, we’ve got to look seamless from every angle,” says Austin. “We’re fit and in shape, but even we can’t completely escape bra bulge, especially when our backs are larger than life on the big screen.” According to Austin, Sassybax’s body-smoothing bras have supported and smoothed her colleagues even while performing some of the most extraordinary jumps and stunt falls.

Founded by a former actress, Sassybax also smoothes the figures of leading ladies, including Vanessa Williams of “South Beach” and Oscar-winner Catherine Zeta-Jones, who consider Sassybax a wardrobe staple. “When you’re expected to look picture-perfect from all angles, you create a shortlist of essentials that work for you,” says Kennedy, who starred on television throughout the 1980s under the name of Barbra Horan. “I created Sassybax two years ago out of a personal need, but I would have loved having them when I was in front of the camera professionally.” The Sassybax founder draws from contrasting experiences as a model, actress and licensed psychotherapist to carve Sassybax’s niche in the highly competitive innerwear market. Her insights into a woman’s body image and how it affects self-esteem drove her to create Sassybax for women.

This season, members of the Stuntwomen’s Association will test Sassybax’s new under-wire design for support, comfort and performance. Throughout the rest of the year, the stuntwomen will wear the Sassybax bra collection onscreen and off to keep their image as smooth as their moves. Sassybax is the only product officially endorsed by the nearly 40-year-old Hollywood institution.

Kennedy concludes, “The triumvirate of Sassybax, the Stuntwomen’s Association and the Coalition as a natural alliance of women looking out for one another. It’s a privilege to extend my company’s motto about watching your back to these women who bring such meaning to the pledge.”

About Sassybax - A privately held company located in Los Angeles, Sassybax is the brainchild of Amanda Horan Kennedy. In 2004, she introduced a collection of bras that bear the company name to help women with real bodies look slimmer and feel more confident. Sassybax is available throughout North America at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s by Mail, select Nordstrom’s, better specialty stores, and online.

About the Stuntwomen’s Association of Motion Pictures (SWAMP) - Established in 1967, the Stuntwomen's Association boasts a membership of many of Hollywood’s most active and experienced stuntwomen in the industry. In addition to doubling for popular leading actresses in films, they provide stunt coordination, 2nd Unit Direction, background stunt work and featured actress roles.

About the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) – The mission of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence is to organize for collective power by engaging the public and mobilizing them as advocates to help NCADV empower victims. They serve as a positive force for societal change through public policy initiatives and legislation and offer help to survivors in the form of financial education trainings and free cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and dentistry programs.

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