Urgent Wake-Up Call Arrives April 24th Just In Time for National Stop Snoring Week in UK

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New ebook by offers a good night’s sleep to 30 million affected by snoring…on both sides of the pillow. Ex-snorer Adrian Wernham has written an eBook detailing a simple, nature approach to controlling the causes of snoring so everyone can get a good night’s sleep

The timing of the release of Adrian Wernham’s new e book Stop Snoring Secrets Revealed is a dream come true and not just for the author. The revolutionary approach to stop raspy, rattling, sleep-disrupting snores will “hit the shelves” just in time to coincide with the UK’s annual “National Stop Snoring Week.”

An Equal Opportunity Annoyance

Snoring is a worldwide epidemic. “The numbers are hard to pin down,” says Wernham, “but there are a number of surveys that indicate snoring affects 30% of women and 40% of men, either because they themselves snore or because someone in their household does.” He believes that his book and its thoughtful approach to identifying snoring causes and the natural techniques that can control the condition “will help anyone who wants to get a good night’s sleep.”

According to the British Snoring & Sleep Apnea Association, 10.5 million men and 4.5 million women snore in the U.K. alone, and their snoring is having an effect on another 15 million non-snorers. “58% of all snorers are between the ages of 50 and 59,” Wernham reports, “But a tremendous number of children snore, too.”

“The pity of it is, millions of people are losing sleep over nothing,” says Wernham. “Snoring can definitely be controlled!’

Quality of Life

Snoring occurs when air is unable to move freely through a person’s nose and mouth during sleep. The annoying sound is caused due to vibrations of the tongue, upper throat, soft palate, and uvula, as well as the big tonsils and adenoids. “The sound can become so loud that it wakes the snorer up…or disturbs the sleep of the person on the other side of the pillow,” says Wernham.

Night after night of snoring can lead to exhaustion, fatigue and lack of physical energy…the most common symptoms of sleep deprivation. “These physical conditions began to affect mood, causing pessimism, sadness, stress and anger,” reports Wernham. According to The National Sleep Foundation in the United States, social problems such as road rage may be caused, in part, by a national epidemic of sleepiness.

It is not uncommon for people who snore to be “the butt of jokes, the object of scorn, and sometimes, often the target for extreme hostility,” says Wernham. He notes that although the sound cannot be consciously stopped or controlled, people get very angry, even with loved ones, for snoring.


It was his own struggles that led Wernham to find a solution for snoring. “My spouse was so fed up with having to endure my snoring night after night that we ended sleeping in separate rooms,” the author reports with candor.

“The frustration and irritation was totally extreme and there were times we barely even talked to one another in the morning,” says Wernham. “We were just too tired, too exhausted, and too agitated.” It’s a scenario that’s played out again and again around the world.

Wernham “wasn’t about to let a snore destroy my marriage.” he says emphatically. Through trial and error “and a lot more sleepless nights,” Wernham says he ultimately developed a 3-step approach to putting an end to his snoring forever. “I learned what treatments work and which treatments don’t work. I learned how to evaluate the degree of a person’s snoring problem. And I learned how to use things that surround us everyday to put an end to my problem.”

From the Bedroom to the Bookshelves

What began as a personal journey became a professional enterprise when Wernham realized that what he had developed could help others. He decided to create a “complete guide to everything you need to know about snoring, from causes and risks to treatment options,” he says.

The lively, and informative guide is comprehensive in its scope, with recommendations suitable for all types of snorers. It includes step-by-step instructions to help readers “make the lifestyle and emotional changes needed to put an end to snoring forever, plus detailed information on how to finally get a restful night’s sleep quickly, easily, and effortlessly,” says Wernham with pride.

And unlike many other books on the subject, Stop Snoring Secrets Revealed “offers the best of all possible worlds,” says Wernham. In addition to exploring traditional treatment options including somnoplasty, laser surgery, tongue suspension, and nasal reconstructive surgery, Wernham also reports on natural and alternative treatments including magnetic therapy, hypnosis, massage, light therapy, steam inhalation, nasal strips, and Chinese herbal remedies.


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