Unique Oil Spill Clean-up Product Appoints African Sales Agent Standora to Promote EnviroMop in Nigeria and Throughout Africa

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EnviroMop™ LLC, a manufacturer of hydrophobic cellulose-based sorbent material, is pleased to announce the appointment of Standora Enterprises LTD, a professional firm that specializes in representing the interests of companies in Africa.

EnviroMop™ LLC, a manufacturer of hydrophobic cellulose-based sorbent material, is pleased to announce the appointment of Standora Enterprises LTD, a professional firm that specializes in representing the interests of companies in Africa.

The EnviroMop product, Maximum Oil Pickup™ (MOP) is a revolutionary patented oil sorbent material. Accidental oil spills, whether large or small or on land or water, are a common occurrence that must be dealt with quickly and effectively to avoid serious environmental damage.

Mr. Kingsley Mordi, CEO of Standora stated “we are excited to represent this unique product that can clean up oil spills so well in an area of the world that desperately needs environmental attention. Already we are getting inquiries from all over the African contentment.”

“This appointment couldn’t come at a better time,” said David Levine, President of EnviroMop. “Especially with the oil exploration off the east African coast and the rising cost of a barrel of oil. We are proud to become a player in the African economy, while contributing to oil spill clean up and recovery.”

EnviroMop improves upon the existing arsenal of oil spill absorbent products. This unique patented product:

. Works on water and land; in all types of weather conditions.

. Is 100% biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-irritating – it is safe to plants and animals.

. Cleanly recovers up to 95% of the absorbed oil simply by squeezing. The remaining material can be burned to recover 100% of the available energy, while leaving as low as 0.1% ash.

. Absorbs up to 30 times its own weight in oil offering superior absorbent performance.

. It is treated to be a fire retardant. And is lightweight; easy to handle.

. Has traction restoring grit, so treated hard surfaces are immediately safe and not slippery.

. It is lightweight; easy to handle.

. Cost effective in comparison to other sorbents.

. MOP is available in bags (loose), pillows, and booms.

Once MOP is applied, the oil will not leach out and it halts further contamination of land or water. The aggressive oil-holding action will not allow MOP to release its grip on the oil to the environment. It is designed for optimum performance on each and every possible surface where oil spills can occur.

In addition, the oil holding action of MOP is not affected by foul weather. MOP holds the oil in rain, sleet or snow until it is picked up. MOP can be retrieved quickly and easily. The MOP-treated area is now restored without contamination and is free of oil. MOP contains a traction-restoring grit that immediately re-establishes safe footing on hard surfaces after being treated.

Remarkably clean oil in large volumes can be recovered from oil saturated MOP simply by squeezing. Up to 95% of the oil can be re-used. MOP actually cleans the oil so it is available without contamination by water or debris. And with the high cost of oil, this is a good thing. Furthermore, the remaining MOP can be burned to recover 100% of the available energy while leaving an ash residue as low as 0.1%.

Liquids Absorbed Are: Jet Fuel, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Motor Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, Transformer Oil, Mineral Oil, Viscosity Enhancers, Surfactants, Ethyl Alcohol, Methyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Methyl Ethyl, Ketone, Thinner, and any other liquid hydrocarbons.

Performs Reliably In: Oil & Gas Production, Petroleum Transportation, Petroleum Refineries, Gas Transmission, Petrochemical Plants, Utility Generating Plants, Health Care Facilities, Oil-Fired Furnaces, Manufacturing Plants, Marine Terminals, Rail Transportation, Service Stations, Rental Yards, Airports, Fleet Maintenance, Heavy Construction, Pulp & Paper Mills, Food Processing Plants, and many other industrial and service applications.

About: Standora Enterprises LTD was founded in the 1990. They posses a strong grasp of the African market representing the interests of companies who want to gain entrance throughout Africa. They carry out feasibilities studies on such markets and let clients know if their products are marketable or not. Standora acts as the bridge between investors and the African market by providing all the technical information needed. They can be contacted: US office :622 Salem Avenue, Dayton, OH 45408 USA, phone +1 937.439.6613, fax +1 240.214.8771. Nigeria office: 3rd Ave 31 Road Block Suite 9, Festac Town, 234, Lagos, Nigeria. Email: standoraenterprisesltd@yahoo.com

About: EnviroMop™, LLC was formed in 2004 to promote the revolutionary patented product Maximum Oil Pick-up™ (MOP) which can clean up hazardous oil and other hydrocarbon material spills easily and safely while both allowing for the recovery of the spilled material and returning a clean environment. Located in central New Jersey, EnviroMop™ is capable of serving the worldwide needs for this unique product. For the manufacturer’s safety data sheet (MSDS), an informational brochure, and more, please visit http://www.EnviroMop.com.

© EnviroMop, LLC. All trademarks, copyrights, and patents are the property of the respective owners. US Patent # 5,492,881. Worldwide patents filed and granted.

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