New Trends in the Moving Company Industry Make It a Stress-Free Experience

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When it comes to moving company services, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 43 million Americans relocate each year, paying more than $3 billion to moving companies for relocation services. The various relocation reasons, according to the American Housing Survey are: new job / transfer (12.80%), moving closer to work / school (13.40%), financial / employment (6.20%), establish own home (16.90%), looking for a larger / better home (30.50%), and more.

I was looking for a reliable moving company that will be able to work with me within my tight schedule

Over the years, the moving company industry has evolved and now offers much more than just a truck and strong, skilled manpower. Relocation services that not long ago were considered luxury premium services have become standard in many moving corporations.

As the industry grows, more and more companies develop logistic abilities allowing them to guarantee accurate delivery dates even for coast-to-coast relocations. This, in fact, allows consumers to better plan their move and minimize relocation costs.

Up until few years ago, relocation services were offered only in the company’s home base facility, usually close to the customer’s origin location. Today companies branch out to accommodate the special need of their clientele and are now able to offer storage on destination, minimizing delivery times upon request.

The technology revolution did not skip the relocation services industry and many companies now use computer-generated barcode stickers for quick inventory scans, automated SMS notifications on delivery statuses, and even satellite tracking systems.

Looking back just a few years, the process of hiring a mover was slow and complicated. It started with finding a local mover in the yellow pages, scheduling an appointment for an estimate, and only then, could you get a quote.

At present, things are much more efficient. The process is a lot faster and extremely more accurate. “I was looking for a reliable moving company that will be able to work with me within my tight schedule” says Lindsey Anderson, a 52 years old attorney from Los Angeles, CA. Last January, after 12 years living in the east coast, Lindsey and husband Jay decided to move back to Los Angeles from New York City. “I was looking for a moving company online when I came across California New York Express’s website. I was happy to find out that their technology was at my service. I was able to quickly browse through services, pricing, testimonials, and even a simple-yet-useful moving guide. One of the things I liked best was the Push-to-Talk service where I just clicked my phone number and in less than 10 seconds I had a relocation agent on the line.”

With new online services such as Online Estimators, Push-to-Talk, and Electronic Inventory lists, getting a price quote is fast and easy. Another aspect of the modern relocation services industry is the availability of knowledge. Many of the “electronic era” companies often provide additional services such as free education. The online moving guides make it easy for consumers to learn all they need about the relocation process. This tool is even more important if you are relocating for the first time.

“I was so surprised to see the estimator pull out laptop instead of the good old pen and paper” Jay continues. “I walked the guy through our home, showing him everything we’ll be taking and he just measured it all up and clicked his computer. When we finished the tour, I was amazed to discover that he had a small wireless printer in his bag and that my quote was ready and printed out”

Zohar Zaltzman, CEO of California New York Express: “As a company that specializes in coast to coast relocation, we are proud of our 30% return customers and are ready to accommodate any special requirement that our customers may have including origin and destination storage, guaranteed pick up and delivery dates, etc. We appreciate the fact that time is often of the essence so we have developed a top-of-the-line Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to allow us to manage every aspect of the relocation process better and faster than ever before. From immediate web-based estimates to SMS and email status notifications, our new website offers every possible tool to assist our customers with their relocation”

For more information on coast to coast relocation services and moving company options, contact California New York Express at 1-888-680-7200 or log on to Relocating? Feel free to schedule a free estimate.

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