"O N E' ~ If You Look...Will You See? An Exhibition of Contemporary Surrealism, Abstract & Impressionist Fine Art

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Robert Dowling announced the opening of 'ONE' at Dowling Studios & Gallery, occurring on April 15, 2006. The 'One' Exhibition at Dowling Studios & Gallery will feature artist Robert Dowling's new series of surreal and abstract paintings. Fine art from Aaron Horvath, Chris Knox and the New York studio work of Aja will be displayed. Maine's own 'Laurie Jones' will make a special guest appearance at 'One,' performing original music from her new CD.

I would rather fail as an artist, than succeed as anything else.

Robert Dowling announced the opening of 'ONE' at Dowling Studios & Gallery today. The 'One' Exhibition at Dowling Studios & Gallery will feature internationally collected artist Robert Dowling's new series of extraordinary surreal and abstract paintings. As well, works of fine art from Aaron Horvath, Chris Knox and the New York studio work of 'Aja'-Ann Deland Apa-Soura will be displayed. Maine's own Laurie Jones will make a special guest appearance at 'One,' performing original music from her new CD.

A private preview will be held for the press and by invitation on Saturday, Apr. 8, from 6 p.m. -- 8 p.m. 'One' will be open to the public at Dowling Studios and Gallery, 407 Main Street, Bangor on Saturday, Apr. 15, from 5 p.m. - 10 p.m. All works of fine art will also be shown LIVE via studio webcam for this international event. 'One' will have a specifically created web page just for the exhibition, including live chat and monitors for viewing, information, and sales.

Dowling Studios & Gallery held their grand opening exhibition in January along with two preview events in December. "The Grand Opening & Exhibition," held Jan. 14, brought to light the wide-ranging and exceptional talent of this group of artists, with an array of new works by Robert Dowling, Chris Knox, Aaron Horvath, Walter Begor, Scott Tucker and New York artist Aja. A December 17, 2005 exhibition entitled "Coincidences," featured Dowling's paintings as well as those from studio artists Aaron Horvath, Chris Knox and photographer Scott Tucker. These art exhibitions, although unpublicized, drew interviews from the news media and literally thousands of people to Dowling's online gallery to view and discuss the artists work as well as the artists at work. Weekly the artists can be viewed in the act of originating and creating their speciific arts. Dowling Studios & Gallery live broadcasts all of its exhibitions over the Internet at http://www.robertdowlingstudios.com.

In March 2005, Dowling Gallery & Studios was featured as one of the top ten web-cams (live-feed sites) on the Internets by EarthCam. Dowling Studios & Gallery is also listed at Best Web Designs of World. Robert Dowling's works of fine art and those of his studio artists have been displayed, discussed, and promoted across the Internets, particularly at Sinequanon's Journal.

Robert Dowling has already made his mark on the local art community, as it has across the U.S. and in Europe prior to the opening of Dowling Studios & Gallery in Bangor, Maine. Dowling's preternatural and extraordinary paintings have grabbed the attention of the art world with their dark, hidden and layered meanings - creating a fluid world of planning, chaos, change, and emotion. One of a separate reality - where dreams, childhood, and imagination may seem all too real. Robert incorporates his life, memories, dreams, and childhood in his work. It is clear that his uniquely original art is vital and the very core of himself: "Every painting I do, I create as if it is the last thing that I will ever do, the last thing people will see from my own thoughts - my last voice."

About the Artists:

Robert C. Dowling has always been regarded an art prodigy; even in the first grade it was apparent that Robert had elemental artistic and imaginative aptitudes unlike other children in his age group This quiet enigmatic child developed his skills into a contemporary and original voice, fine art that stands alone in it's uniqueness, power, and emotional transformation. Dowling has sold over 300 paintings and drawings in the past three years alone. His paintings are now some of the most sought after works of art on the Internet and beyond. Dowling has accrued a list of collectors and supporters reaching across the globe. His paintings reside all across America as well as Japan, Austria, the United Kingdom, Spain, Madrid, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Paris, and other international locations. Robert Dowling resides in Maine, living in a small dilapidated cabin on the shores of Hermon Pond. Robert Dowling owns and operates robertdowlingstudios.com and Dowling Studios & Gallery in Bangor, Maine where he dedicates his life to the arts. Dowlings dedication and drive to create his unique art says it all: "I would rather fail as an artist, than succeed as anything else."

Aaron J. Horvath grew up playing in imaginary worlds filled with imaginary creatures. Aaron loved to play adventure games in his grand parents rickety barn and in the near by woods. He was always talented with graphite as his medium and would copy video game art such as Zelda and Final Fantasy - but he loved Ninja Turtles the most as a child. Horvath continued his study of the arts as a quiet artist under the tutelage of Professor Gudrun Tart and later at the Pratt Institute in New York. After spending four years intensely studying the refining points of art, he left Pratt with his BFA in communication design and his paints. Much to the surprise of family and friends, Aaron chose to take his career into a new realm and began a career in the culinary arts where he is currently a successful chef, using his artistic talent in plate design for the cuisine he creates. Though being a chef pays the bills, Aaron's love of art will always be expressed through his true medium: canvas and paints.

Christopher M. Knox came in to this world with an innate interest in the visual arts. It was apparent Christopher Knox had a gift, but at what price? Diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 7, Christopher's high energy level and internal worlds made it difficult for him to make lasting associations. Lacking friends and siblings, Chris was able too fuel a rich imagination. "Throughout my life my work has been reflective of a variety of situations and environments, ranging from an innate symbiosis with nature, its tranquil effects and subtle stimuli, my own reflective internalization and imaginary worlds, and my extroverted behaviors which, in combination, drive me to create. I have been able to conceive and create my art due to the love of my friends and the support of my family." Chris is now currently working on a illustrated book with Aaron Horvath. He is experimenting with a variety mediums to express his unique view of the world - from drawing to painting to sculpture, and maybe even film.

'Aja'-Ann Deland Apa-Soura's extensive resume and biography are available at: http://sagittariusgallery.com/resume.html and http://sagittariusgallery.com/bio.html

For further information and interviews, contact Robert Dowling directly at Dowling Studios & Gallery, 207.991.4808. Contact Metaphoric Design for clarification of this Press Release at 210.452.0921.

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