NETWORKING EXPERT: Enhance How You Are Perceived

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MASTER NETWORKER REVEALS: How the ordinary person can become perceived as a celebrity in his or her life. How to create a perception that draws people to you, that makes you a magnet to people.

ONE PHONE CALL AWAY: Secrets of a Master Networker.

The world runs on relationships. People invest in people. Networking is the way of the world. So, how do you do it cleverly? How do you raise it to a high art, so that you can enjoy doing it?

Jeffrey W. Meshel is one of America's master networkers. Lively and passionate about networking, he shares his wisdom, and his highly unusual view of what networking should be, in a popular new book, "ONE PHONE CALL AWAY: Secrets of a Master Networker." (Penguin/Portfolio, $22.95)

"I come at it differently than others," says Meshel (pronounced 'Mi-shell'). "I show you ways to enhance your perception among people, and to make yourself stand out so that people come to you, as opposed to you running to them."

Expert Tips

Meshel -- in a high-energy and powerfully entertaining style -- tells us the objective of networking and leads us into his expert tips.

The Objective

Everyone wants to achieve the effect of celebrity appeal.

"Everyone wants to be Tom Cruise," Meshel says, "To be Jennifer Aniston, to be Julia Roberts. Where you're acknowledged because of your success and your profile. Only a tiny percentage of us can have that. So how do you elevate yourself to become powerful? If you're great in your business skills, you're seen as powerful. But the average person is not great. For the average person to become powerful -- and what everyone can do -- is become a resource for everyone else.

"That means be mindful of how you can collect information and connect people. Use networking to create the perception that you are a go-to person. Create the perception that gets people to say, 'He's the greatest, he's so open. He helps me. I'd help him any time.' Then you become powerful because you're perceived as a go-to person. Perception becomes reality and ultimately people bring things to you."

There is a lot involved in Jeffrey Meshel's uncommon approach. As a start, Meshel offers three powerful tips:

Tip #1: Create a 60-Second Commercial for Yourself

"The first impression is probably the most important thing," says Meshel. "Let's say you and I are at a cocktail party. And I ask you 'What do you do?' Don't just say, 'I'm an accountant.' Create a 60-second commercial for yourself.

"Consider this: A one-line answer is maybe the beginning of a conversation but it could be the end as well. You should produce your own show. Maybe say three things about yourself.

"Someone says, 'I'm an accountant.' Maybe you should say, 'I'm an accountant who specializes in tax savings; by the way my passion is this investment club, we meet once a month, we look at all sorts of opportunities, that's what I really enjoy; and by the way I'm also President of the Rayburn Country Club.' -- Then you create a snapshot that allows you ways to engage with people."

Tip #2: Create Interest In You. -- Become a Magnetic Personality. Draw People In, But Not in the Way Everyone Else Is Doing It

" 'Perception of Self' is important," says Meshel. -- "That does not mean 'How do I perceive myself?' It's about how the person I'm speaking to is perceiving me.

"If you can't capture attention, are you sensitive to it? Everybody sells. If you're ineffective, then realize that there's a way to speak to people that draws them into you. People don't understand the perception they create.

"You sit down with a guy. He says, 'Hi I'm Harvey Susnik. I'm an accountant.' And he leaves it one-dimensional. He's doing nothing interesting. He's not maximizing the way you perceive him.

"There is a 'science of interaction.' -- If you're getting shut down and it's almost dismissive, if important business people are not reacting to you. If you have good ideas and people are not listening, how do you use 'Perception of Self'? Don't become pushy. Don't try to become more dominant. Go in an opposite direction. Make your effect by becoming clever.

"One solution is to put the person on a pedestal. Say to the person, 'I thought of something. It may or may not make sense. Your knowledge and scope of what you do is great. I value your insight and judgment. I deem you an expert. I think this is interesting. Let me run it by you and get your thoughts.' . . . Capture the person. Then lay out your idea."

Tip #3: Know Who You Know -- Collect the Right Information, and Not the Information that Everyone Else is Collecting

"Other networking experts tell you to collect people's birthdays. That's bad advice," says Meshel. "Collect people's passions. Collect people's interests.

"Don't send birthday cards to people you barely know. Don't be disingenuous. Be interested. Ask people what their interests are. Connect with people based on their interests.

"Collect information on the people you know. And go out to the world with a good database. It's not who you know. It's WHAT you know about who you know. Today Rolodexes belong in the closet. What today are called databases, should be called knowledge-bases.

"The entire world does not utilize the software to communicate, to be in front of people.

New technology is changing the way people function. Make use of the technology that can get you what you want. You want to be in front of people."

About Jeffrey Meshel

Jeffrey W. Meshel is a leading sales, marketing and business networking expert.

He has appeared on numerous top news programs to offer advice on how to use networking to build and succeed in your career and how to achieve success with your business.

His appearances include: CBS's "The Early Show," WGN-TV Chicago, First Business TV, WTVJ-TV (NBC) Miami, Business TalkRadio Network, WOR Radio Network and.others.

He is president and co-founder of Mercury Capital Corporation, Mercury Properties and Mercury Equity Group. Mr. Meshel is the founder and chairman of The Strategic Forum.

The Book:

"One Phone Call Away: Secrets of a Master Networker" by Jeffrey W. Meshel

Penguin/Portfolio Hardcover, 204 pages, $22.95 US (ISBN: 1591840902)

CLIPS of Jeff Meshel's appearance from TV, RADIO and PRINT are available at: NEWS CLIPS -- Including a national CBS "Early Show" appearance and other major appearances.


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