Variable Annuity Research Report Finally Released

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Why take your brokers word that they are offering you the best variable annuity? Take the guess work out and get the facts at Get the facts, not taken for a ride. has finally made its first appearance on the World Wide Web. offers the only unbiased variable annuity research available to the consumer.

"I have been around the financial services industry for a long time" Scott DeMonte, owner of said. "'s release was long overdue."

After years of seeing brokers being blinded by commissions and greed, rather than being driven by real investors needs, Mr. DeMonte decided to take the bull by the horns.

The need is for a completely unbiased research report, written in plain English. "I do not care if anyone buys a variable annuity, because I am not selling any." Mr. DeMonte says, "All that really matters is that investors will now have an opportunity to do their own homework, without the pressure of a salesman." offers a unique look at variable annuities. Mr. DeMonte has looked at, evaluated and rated over 33 of the best selling variable annuity contracts in the market. The simple 1 to 5 rating system, based on costs, ease of use and consumer friendliness, is completely unique and unheard of in the annuity industry.

"I simply got tired of everyone saying we did the research for you, when all they are trying to do is sell you an annuity. I am truly the only consumer oriented research report available." Mr. DeMonte went on to say, "I do not, have not and will never take a dime from the insurance industry to favor one annuity over another."

Mr. DeMonte went on to explain that the issue of soft money and high commissions have blinded brokers and brokerage firms and has made them completely biased. "Big dollars play a very big roll in what products get sold to consumers."

The soft money he is referring to is the money paid to brokerage houses by investment and insurance companies, which is reported to be in the millions in some cases.

"Soft money has also become a problem all the way down to the retail broker. Many retail brokers demand pay-for-play incentives." Mr. DeMonte then elaborated to say that as an executive for a major variable annuity provider he was routinely asked to pay for marketing expenses by the broker for their business.

"It was pay me “x” dollars per million or I will sell xyz's products instead. I began to ask myself, how is this supposed to be an unbiased market for the consumer?" It clearly is not.

By removing the greed and commission factor, Mr. DeMonte, has removed the "what if" factor. The "what if" factor is what if my broker is being paid 7% commission on this annuity when there maybe a better product with lower fees, but it would only pay the broker a 5% commission.

"This is a big problem, I mean, I am in favor of brokers don't get me wrong, but we need to strike a balance. After all this is about other people’s money, not how much can I make this month."

"With variable annuities appearing to be extremely confusing how can an investor get any facts? Who has the best living benefits? Who has the best death benefits? What is better a GMIB or a For-Life benefit? I answer all those questions on my site and in "The Annuity Report"."

This is why Scott DeMonte brought to the market place. Not only is he trying to clear the air about variable annuities and make them easier to understand. He is taking the guess work out of the equation.

"You see, I really did do the research for you. I literally spent months putting this project together and every 3 months I will have to update all of the information." Mr. DeMonte is referring to the quarterly updates that annuity companies make to their product line.

"I also wanted to keep people interactive, this is why I have a forum and a blog on my web site, and no other "research" site does that. They want your information so they can call you and close you on a variable annuity." Mr. DeMonte has promised never to call or sell your information to anyone.

"Compare, research and evaluate a variable annuity at your own pace, that is my philosophy." Said Mr. DeMonte.

Feel free to contact Mr. DeMonte at he will always try to answer questions as quickly as possible.

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