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James Getten & Associates is an Independent Distributor of PureWorks, a company based on technology that protects people. Our tag line "Protected by PureWorks" says it all. We are not only interested in protecting people; our mission is to eradicate viruses, and harmful spores, bacteria, and fungus from the planet.

James Getten & Associates is proud to represent PureWorks, developers and manufacturers of this exceptionally broad-spectrum disinfectant that delivers effective biocidal action against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It is used to effectively disinfect a variety of inanimate surfaces such as floors, walls, and counter tops in homes, hospitals, offices, restaurants, hotels, day-care centers, buses, cars, etc.

PureWorks’ One-Step Disinfectant is approved by and registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency. Its powerful disinfection properties are provided by its active ingredients, a group of highly-effective quaternary ammonium compounds. EPA-approved claims include all of the powerful germ-killing activities for which quaternary ammonium compounds are so well known.

  •      It kills both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria including E. coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, Campylobacter, Streptococcus, and others.
  •      It exhibits excellent activity against viruses including Hepatitis types B & C, Herpes simplex types 1 & 2, HIV-1 (AIDS virus), Influenza, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), and Vaccinia (Pox virus).
  •      It is also highly effective against animal viruses including Avian Influenza Virus, Avian Infectious Bronchitis, Canine Distemper Virus, Newcastle’s Disease Virus, and Pseudo rabies virus.
  •      It kills Trichophyton mentagrophytes (the fungus that causes athletes foot), and Aspergillus niger (the black mold found in showers and dressing rooms.)
  •      It is also “mildew-static;” that is, it effectively controls the growth of mold and mildew, thereby reducing their associated malodors.

PureWorks’ One-Step Disinfectant is also an excellent light-duty cleaner, providing one-step cleaning and disinfection. Treated surfaces may be wiped with a clean cloth, sponge, or mop or allowed to air dry. Cleaned and treated surfaces are subsequently safe for children and pets.

  •      Kills 99.99% of bacterial and other harmful germs that cause illness and infection.
  •      Persistent - Continues to protect your skin for hours after application.
  •      FDA compliant as both a First-aid Antiseptic and Healthcare Professional hand sanitizer.
  •      Strong antibacterial health claims allowed, as described in 21CFR333.
  •      No-rinse application for foams and sprays.
  •      Alcohol free.

These non-toxic, alcohol-free products exhibit exceptional antibacterial activity. They are gentle to the skin and do not sting or irritate when used to clean and treat minor cuts and scrapes. In fact, both of these products comply with or exceed all requirements set forth by the US Food and Drug Administration for antibacterial first aid antiseptics. PureWorks’ Antibacterial Foam and Spray help protect against bacterial contamination and help guard against the risk of infection.

The active ingredient in both the foam and the lotion is benzethonium chloride, recognized world-wide as a safe and effective antimicrobial compound. This “fourth-generation” quaternary ammonium compound is gentle to the skin while being tough on bacteria. Unlike many of the alcohol-based hand sanitizers on the market today, PureWorks’ Antibacterial Foam and Antibacterial Spray are alcohol free.

Use of either the PureWorks’ Antibacterial Foam or Antibacterial Spray is not intended to replace hand washing. Frequent hand washing helps remove dirt and oils that accumulate on the skin. The Foam and Spray are intended to be used following hand washing, to help guard against the risk of infection and to ameliorate the negative skin effects of frequent washing. Repeated use of these products between washing leaves treated skin feeling soft and smooth. Unique emollients have also been incorporated into the formulation to enhance the skin’s vitality and good health. In fact, most consumers find that the skin-conditioning attributes of these products are the primary reason they apply them repeatedly between washings.

Whether used for their cosmetic or medical attributes, both the PureWorks’ Antibacterial Foam and Antibacterial Spray help guard against the risk of infection while conditioning and moisturizing the skin.

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