The Language for Peace Announces an Upcoming Seminar Using Nonviolent Communication To Expand The Love, Intimacy and Understanding in Relationships

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"How To Identify... And More Importantly, Avoid... The 5 Most Common Heart-Breaking, Intimacy -Destroying and Relationship-Wrecking Communication Mistakes." This article covers 5 mistakes that most people make daily that can end up destroying relationships without the person ever knowing that they made them.

Relationship communication coaches Paul Sterling and Kristin Denton are excited to announce their upcoming seminar, “The Magic, Myths and Mistakes of Communication – Exploded The Love, Intimacy and Understanding In Your Relationship,” April 28 – 30 at the Golden Hotel in Golden, Colorado. You can register for the workshop by going to or contact their office at (303) 216-2662.

For those who can’t make it to the live event in Colorado, but still want to master the skills, Sterling and Denton will be providing a series of conference calls to which people can listen and learn from your home phone. For more information visit

Denton said, “This is based on the concepts of nonviolent communication, The Language of Peace, which is being used around the world to peacefully resolve conflicts, creating connection, cooperation and understanding.”

Paul and Kristin have taught their method in schools, businesses, prisons, universities, churches and, of course, to the public. Couples and families are using these powerful tools to transform the quality of their relationships..

Learn the following relationship-saving strategies:

  •     Discover How to Talk About Painful and Important Issues You Used to Avoid Without Making Things Worse
  •     Discover the verbal landmines... the 'trigger words' that will almost always cause explosive reactions, arguments and hurt feelings.
  •     Feel The Relationship Healing Magic of Being Understood and Understanding Without Being Defensive and Attacking Back
  •     Learn why people answer your questions with 'one word' answers and what to do about it.
  •     Learn how to get around the barrier that almost everyone has to listening effectively... taking things personally.
  •     Learn the 3 words never to use on the people you love, and how they damage your relationship.
  •     How to deal with your partner's past emotional baggage so it doesn't ruin your relationship (this one alone has rescued even the most hopeless relationships!).

"I think I will be better equipped to take time to listen to others' feelings as well as being able to relate to my feelings without always being defensive, and hearing the negative. When they are probably just showing me an act of love or asking me for help."

Melissa Snow, Golden, Colorado

"I took the workshop with my sweetheart and first of all it opened up our communications beautifully. There were a lot of things we hadn’t know that got swept under the carpet that got to be exposed, as a result created more trust between us, which I already felt there was a heck-of-a-lot-of."

Dr. Lawrence Conlan, Boulder, Colorado

“Communication is truly the final frontier,” Sterling adds. “Star Trek told us that discovering planets at the far end of the universe is what’s important. I’d say it’s making sure we don’t kill each other on the journey that’s really important.”

“Most fights happen because people are making one or more of The 5 Most Common Relationship-Wrecking Communication Mistakes.” Paul says that “These hidden verbal landmines cause arguments, upsets, misunderstanding and eventually divorces.”

“Most people have heard the saying, ‘It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.’ In the workshop we teach ‘how to say it.’ Participants learn how to talk about important, stressful, emotional issues without making things worse.”

“We also cover what NOT TO SAY (the five mistakes) and why.”

The 5 Mistakes are

1) Case Building,

2) Story Telling,

3) Message Assuming

4) Cup Stuffing

5) the Fatal F’s.

To read the full report on the 5 Mistakes, visit The Language of Peace website at Sign up for the report and they will email it to you.

Learn how to identify these mistakes. You can avoid them and the pain they create.

The “The Magic, Myths and Mistakes of Communication” will also cover:

  • The 4 Steps To Heart Opening Intimacy.
  • The 7 Secret Keys To Exploding the Love, Intimacy and Understanding in Your Relationship.

Learning and practicing The Language of Peace is a powerful and effective way to create more love, intimacy and understanding in all of your relationships. It works in all types of situations – at home, in the bedroom, at work, in schools and businesses and even in jails. . . you name it.

“…I believe that my communication will never be the same because of a gift I received from him (Paul) and his partner Kristin in the Language of Peace seminar that I took.”

Greg Cortopassi, Denver, CO

"I recognize how I am constantly building cases against people. Just that alone has radically impacted my relationships."

Daniela Hess Scholl, Ithaca, New York

Submitted by Sean Smith, Staff Writer

Paul & Kristin have taught these skills to a wide verity of organizations ranging from Buddhist monks to maximum security prisoners, from college professors to high school drop-outs, from therapists to couples, to business owners and employees. Contact their company to learn more about The Language of Peace workshops, teleseminars, private communication coaching for couples. Access books, articles and interviews on how to resolve conflicts lovingly, clear up misunderstandings easily and create more intimacy in relationships: visit the websites,, or contact them by email at and by phone at (303) 807-0159.


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