Emotional Intelligence Used to Recruit IT, Business and Financial Graduates in 2006

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hy-phen Workforce Management Solutions, an industry-leading recruitment solutions provider, has been using Emotional Intelligence to predict the potential of graduates for one of its leading clients. They have been using the EBW Online Assessment System with their clients and have had very impressive results.

hy-phen Workforce Management Solutions, an industry-leading recruitment solutions provider, has been using Emotional Intelligence to predict the potential of graduates for one of its leading clients.

Emotional Intelligence is about how individuals manage both themselves and others. It is about understanding and gaining an accurate insight into an individual’s motivation to succeed. This includes how to make decisions, why people behave the way they do, and how to maximize one’s performance. This is the key to human capital management.

Until recently the main approaches to assessing and developing human behaviour have been personality questionnaires. However, by using the Emotional Intelligence model, it is possible to assess a candidate’s ability to manage their personality and behaviour and hence their potential for success in different situations. In today’s business environment what matters is not just a person’s training or their expertise but their people skills and their ability to manage themselves and others. Understanding a candidate’s Emotional Intelligence enables managers/recruiters to assess quickly the key behavioural competencies that predict success in the job role they are recruiting for.

Working with Brentfield Consultancy (Business Psychologists), hy-phen has been using the EBW™ System to assess IT, business and financial graduates’ Emotional Intelligence for their clients.

Simon Rickman, Head of Operations at hy-phen, explains "For our clients we need to know that graduates not only have the right technical skills but, as important, the right balance of behavioural competencies and the potential to make a difference with customers. We use Peopleclick for managing the online recruitment process and we use the EBW system to assess the candidates’ Emotional Intelligence. This helps us assess those candidates who have the potential our clients are looking for".

The EBW online system provides an eight-page report on each person. It highlights their potential for success and provides colour-coded interpretation of their Emotional Intelligence, i.e. red, amber or green. The system generates different questions depending on the candidate’s Emotional Intelligence profile. This ensures that the interviewer always asks the right questions to check the candidate’s suitability for the role.

Brentfield’s Managing Director says, "The EBW expert system increases performance and saves costs not only because it concentrates on the ‘real’ human factors that determine success but also on focused questioning which enables smarter use of time for busy managers/recruiters".

For Steria, a European provider of IT solutions, hy-phen needed to interview 200 candidates prior to attending their graduate assessment centre. By using Peopleclick and the EBW system together, hy-phen provided a consistent and standardised approach to recruitment from job analysis through to interviewing before attending an assessment centre. The 45 min interview was focused on a candidate’s Emotional Intelligence and his/her suitability for a range of IT/business/financial roles at Steria. The competencies assessed were then tested again through a series of complementary competency based exercises, also developed with Brentfield’s expertise. This ensured that Steria got the right candidates for the right job.

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Emotional Intelligence

Originally conceived by Salovey and Mayer (1990) and popularised by Goleman (1996; 1998), Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the “ability to accurately perceive, understand, integrate and effectively manage one’s own emotions and those of others”. For businesses, Emotional Intelligence can provide a framework to measure and understand the ‘real’ human factors that determine success - how users manage their work and others; how they make decisions etc. It helps organisations and teams understand why people behave the way they do and how to maximise their performance.

The EBW™ System

The Emotions and Behaviours at Work (EBW) system has been validated and trialled over the last 6 years and is used for the selection and development of the right person for the right job. The EBW system combines the latest research on Personality and Emotional Intelligence with the advantages of internet testing to provide accurate reports to discriminate between or develop an individual’s or a team’s potential.


hy-phen Workforce Management Solutions is an industry-leading recruitment solutions provider, offering services tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We offer recruitment process analysis through managed services and eRecruitment technology to full Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). hy-phen’s eRecruitment technology is acknowledged as the UK market leader. It underpins many of our recruitment and resource management solutions, but is also delivered to clients and to staffing agencies as a stand-alone product.

Brentfield Consultancy Ltd

The EBW system was designed by Brentfield Consultancy Ltd, an independent Business Psychology practice. Brentfield Consultancy was set up in 1998 and rapidly developed a reputation for delivering validated but innovative solutions. Brentfield’s Business Psychologists are experts in bespoke assessment design, human capital management, diversity and equal opportunities and they pride themselves on being at the cutting edge of assessment design. Their have a variety of clients ranging from developing SMEs to Corporates.

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