AP9 Companies Offer Tips on Kicking Off Your Spring Cleaning Projects

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Ahh, springtime, that refreshing season when days lengthen, sleeves shorten, flowers bloom, hearts throb, and our thoughts turn to … spring cleaning? Yes, indeed, it’s time to break out the mops, brooms, dusters and other implements of cleanliness, according to AP9 companies, which offer a variety of home and family savings programs.

For many of us, “March Madness” refers more to the maniacal chores we undertake to get our homes ready for the warm months ahead than it does to a basketball tournament. Members of AP9 companies can also go a little crazy on savings, simply by logging in at DealPass for members-only deals on home maintenance services, furnishings, supplies, accessories and other home-related needs.

While we’ve all heard that “cleanliness is next to godliness,” the act of achieving cleanliness in your home isn’t exactly a popular task. Who among us wouldn’t rather spend a weekend day in the spring on a golf course, getting a jump-start on your tan, or just kicking back with a book in a lawn chair?

Unfortunately, no home has yet been invented that will clean itself. The good news is that AP9 companies have a few tips for making your spring cleaning chores a little bit more tolerable than, say, a root canal:

-- Take inventory. Before you break out the cleaning utensils, make sure you have everything you need. A lack of essential supplies is one of the easiest excuses for not doing something that man has ever concocted. From dusters, paper towels and cleansers to mops, buckets, brooms and more, figure out what you have and what you need, then stock up before diving in.

-- Work downhill. Plan your project so you start with the biggest, dirtiest task, then move on to the second-dirtiest and so on. Your energy level will be at its highest for the toughest chores, and you’ll have easier tasks ahead as you work your way down the list.

-- Make it a family affair. Many hands make light work, and if you’re blessed with children, you might want to point out that they’re blessed to have a roof over their heads. Whether it’s dusting all the windowsills or cleaning their own bedrooms, there are any number of chores that even pre-teens are capable of doing.

-- Reward yourself (and your fellow workers). While working toward a state close to godliness is a good goal, it’s not always an effective pick-me-up when fatigue sets in. Schedule breaks after large pieces of the project have been completed, and reward everyone with a pizza lunch, extra cookies for dessert or some other treat that will both encourage and reward their efforts.

-- Rock on. Cleaning is often a mindless chore, so there’s usually plenty of room in your head for other thoughts. Crank up a favorite radio station, or take turns choosing CDs for the stereo. Not only can a good backbeat help you clean, you might even discover why your children listen to certain artists. (Okay, probably not, but it does offer you a chance to show your children the respect they tend to want.)

Very few people mark the change from winter to spring by crying out, “Yippee! Spring cleaning time!” Still, the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll likely be done, and you can even save on your efforts as a member of one of the savings programs provided by AP9 companies.


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