Single, Disabled Parent Releases Financial Help Book

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One struggling single parent uses her success to champion other single parents by penning a book packed with little known financial sources to help them succeed.

Single parents have a struggle today like no other. As hard as it is just to make ends meet in a dual-income household, single parents can get buried.

Rose Mason White was one of those single parents struggling to survive and was disabled from a bad surgery to boot. She could no longer work, she had two boys to feed and, at 42, life didn’t seem to hold much hope.

Instead of trying to find a job that would accommodate her disability in an economically depressed area, Rose knew her only alternative was to employ herself. And she knew exactly what she wanted to do. Rose wanted to help people in the same position as herself. As she accessed single parent support groups, found resources to help her with free food, clothing, furniture and money to start a business, she began compiling a directory of these sources for other parents.

A few years ago, Rose turned her directory of resources into a book. She actually had her book published and in print, but sold it only locally in Tennessee. She wanted other single parents in other states to have access to it, but couldn’t afford the marketing services that could accomplish this. She sold some through single parents support groups online and in forums, but she wanted to do more.

She found a press release on about a woman who started her business helping other parents develop and market their business ideas, products and services. She contacted the owner of and found not only a business partner, but another single parent empathetic to her cause.

“Bonnie had a ton of new sources to add to the book and came up with some fantastic ideas for the Web site, to include a single parent support forum, a newsletter, and other free stuff to help them with the resources in the book” Rose says, “I can now take orders online for this book nationwide and I sell something that actually does some good for people!”

Rose stresses that she is not wealthy, or a silver spoon child. But she makes a comfortable living today and she feels like a success because she is doing what she always wanted to do. “There is no success like the success that takes other people with you. If I can’t help other people, I don’t feel the reward. Making a lot of money was never my goal. Putting myself in a position to help other people was my motivating factor.”

Today Rose is working with her new joint venture partner to put together a Web site supporting single parents in self-made careers. The book she wrote, which started it all, is the “Single Parents Cash and Sources Guide”, which can now be purchased both in hard copy and downloaded in PDF format.

“I have letters from people all over the country, so I know that this book is helping single parents better their lives for their children, their careers, their businesses, education level, their sanity!”

The new Web site will be live toward the end of April. Her Single Parents Cash and Sources Guide can be purchased through the ghostwriter advertising agency at


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