Codejock Software Releases Xtreme ToolkitPro 2006 and Xtreme SuitePro 2006 for Visual Studio .NET

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Codejock Software announces the release of Xtreme ToolkitPro 2006 and Xtreme SuitePro 2006 for Visual Studio .NET®.

Codejock Software, a division of Codejock Technologies, LLC a leading provider of reusable software components for Visual Studio .NET® facilitating rapid Graphical User Interface (GUI) development, today has announced the release of Xtreme ToolkitPro 2006 and Xtreme SuitePro 2006 for Visual Studio .NET®, which includes Xtreme Command Bars, Xtreme Docking Pane, Xtreme Property Grid, Xtreme TaskPanel, Xtreme ShortcutBar, Xtreme Report, and Xtreme Calendar. The Xtreme component product line provides the most comprehensive set of fully customizable user interface components for the development of Microsoft® style applications for use with Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC), ActiveX and Microsoft.NET development platforms.

This release incorporates many new enhancements to the already full featured Xtreme Product Line including:

  •     SkinFramework Control: Achieving a completely themed application can be accomplished with only a few lines of code.
  •     Office 2007 Style Ribbon Control: Tabbed toolbars eliminate the need for numerous toolbars crowded at the top of your application. You can now access all of your toolbars by clicking on its tab. Tabbed toolbars not only easy to use, but they increase the usable view area.
  •     Calendar Custom Print: You choose how the Calendar is to be printed.
  •     Calendar Reminders: Alert users when an appointment in the Calendar is approaching or is past due. You can customize how much in advanced or how long after the appointment’s due time to alert the user.
  •     Calendar Multi-Schedule Support: You can have many individual schedules displayed at the same time.
  •     MS Outlook 2003®, MySQL and SQL Server compatibility with the appointment data. You can now easily load your existing Outlook appointments into the Calendar.

Acquiring a professionally themed application just got easier. With Xtreme SkinFramework you can easily apply a custom “skin” to your application to control how each individual component should be display. Everything can be skinned including components such as the title bar, window frame, buttons, etc. Included is several predefined skins, you can choose from Office 2007, Windows XP Royal Blue, or Windows XP Luna skins. In addition to the included skins, you can use any msstyles skin file. The possibilities are endless with how you can skin your application. With Xtreme SkinFramework, you can be assured that your application will look the same running on a Window NT 4.0 machine as it does in Windows XP.

No longer will your users need to fumble through confusing and boring menus. The Office 2007 style Ribbon control introduces a completely new way to design your user interface. Tabbed toolbars almost completely eliminate the need for a menu bar. All your old menu items can be elegantly displayed in a toolbar. Numerous toolbars cluttered all around is a thing of the past, all that is needed now is to click on an informative tab. Your users can navigate the tabs exactly like the old style menu system so they will never miss a beat. In addition to the tabbed toolbars, the ribbon provides smart layout features that allow you to do new things not possible with normal toolbars. Grouped items now contain a caption bar so it is easy for your users to see what the items will do. Smart layout allows each item to have multiple image sizes. The smart layout will display the largest images when enough room is available and automatically display the smaller icons when space is tight. Not only are images swapped when the application is resized, but the items will be re-arranged so that they are always visible in the toolbar. When toolbar space is abundant, large images with item captions are displayed, if space is limited, then only small icons with no captions are displayed.

Users can now print the Calendar. You can choose to incorporate a print header which includes a mini calendar of the current month, the current day, week, and day of the week. When viewing the Calendar in day or work week view you can specify a time range that will be printed so you are not limited to the times displayed on the screen.

Alerting users about an upcoming calendar appointment or about an appointment that is past due is each with the calendar reminders. All you need to do is specify how far in advanced or how long after an appointment the reminder should occur and the calendar will notify you.

Viewing and comparing the schedule of multiple users is effortless with Xtreme Calendar’s multi-schedule features. Multi-schedules work great in the office setting. If you are wondering what two or more people are doing on the same day, the schedule for each person can be displayed side-by-side so you can make informed decisions based on everyone’s schedule.

Saving and loading calendar appointments is now easier than ever. Xtreme Calendar is compatible with MS Outlook 2003® so you can load your existing Outlook appointments into the Calendar. In addition, the Calendar now supports MySQL and SQL Server.

A complete list of all new features can be found in the release notes for each product, found on the company’s website,

About Codejock Software

Codejock Software, a division of Codejock Technologies, LLC based in Owosso, Michigan provides reusable software components for thousands of corporate customers worldwide facilitating rapid Graphical User Interface application development using Microsoft® Visual Studio .NET® development platforms. Codejock Software is considered a leading component provider, and is committed to helping developers realize their goals by providing superior customer service and technical support in addition to their already top notch components. Codejock Software’s products and evaluation versions for the products are now available for download on the company’s website. For more information on Codejock Software’s products including software trial downloads visit

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