United States E-commerce Sales Will Top 100 Billion in 2006, says Leadpile

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2006 E-commerce Sales to Show Small Improvement. Leadpile says you haven’t seen anything yet.

. Leadpile believes that the biggest impact on our world and our culture will come from the

Leadpile.com, who last year had economists and financial analysts throughout the World talking about their prediction that US E-commerce sales will likely surpass the $1 trillion mark by 2012, has come out with their 2006 United States E-Commerce sales prediction.

Leadpile, who has already reported that the recent focus on America’s aging population has blinded many experts from seeing the explosive growth from the “next generation” of younger super Internet consumers” in the future, says that 2006 United States E-commerce sales will Top 100 Billion. The “Super Kids in Digital Space”, or “SKIDS” as coined by Leadpile earlier this year, are going to dramatically change the landscape of the entire United States culture, including the way we use the Internet and Computers, says Leadpile. Leadpile believes that this new, young, super Internet and wireless consumer, will drive wireless technology, online sales, and our entire culture to levels very few people have even dreamed possible, resulting in a dramatic shift in our lives, and change the way we buy and consume goods and services forever.

Andy Jacob, CEO of Leadpile.com says, “While many experts are now starting to believe that our One Trillion Dollar E-Commerce Prediction can, and will, happen by 2012, we do not see explosive growth this year. While it is our forecast that e-commerce sales have the potential to make up 25%-30% of all sales in the United States by 2012, the growth will come in steady spurts and not all at one time. As the convergence of the aging baby boom population and the 'SKIDS' happen, this steady growth will see episodes of explosiveness in the next seven years.

“This year, however, we see $100 Billion In e-commerce as an easily justifiable number, which would be a modest 16% increase over 2004’s 86.3 Billion in E-commerce sales."

Jacob, whose last fall prediction of $30 billion in online sales for the 2005 Holiday spending season was very close to being on the money ($26.5 billion actual) says, “Everyone seems to be talking about “baby boomers”. Leadpile believes that the biggest impact on our world and our culture will come from the “SKIDS”, who will help change the entire way we currently think about the Internet, wireless devices, and our future.

In addition, according to the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Hispanic buying power estimates now reach $700 billion, and do no include the revenue generated by the undocumented workers in the United States. The median age for Hispanics is 25.8 years — 10 years younger than the median age for the United States as a whole. Jacob says, “Do not count out the impact of the “Hispanic Skids Online”. Their online potential is outstanding in the future. This year, while I expect only a 16 percent increase in e-commerce over last year’s 86.3 Billion; I would say that steady growth topping off at $100 Billion this year would be a very nice mark for the e-commerce community”.

Leadpile.com is known as the business man’s “Holy Grail” for its online lead generation services. Leadpile is the leader in the Internet Lead Generation industry. And, with over 2.4 million leads produced and delivered, Leadpile is the World’s Largest Online Lead Marketplace. For more information on the news that is the subject of this release or to interview Andrew Jacob, CEO of Leadpile, visit http://www.Leadpile.com, or call 877-LEAD-PILE.


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