Ecclesiastical Home Makeover

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People are purchasing religious furniture to create sacred space in their homes for Church-On-Demand.

People have home offices, home gyms, and home entertainment centers, now they can have home chapels. Church-on-demand is becoming a new trend among congregants who want to fit religion into their fast-paced lifestyles.

Church-on-demand provides people with the church experience anytime or day of the week without leaving the comfort of their own home. Some see this as the perfect solution for people who work long hours and don’t have the time to attend formal worship services but still want their dose of spiritual renewal.    

True believers have always adorned their homes with religious emblems. Placing crucifixes, Stars of David, scriptural paintings, and statues in the home as a way to express their faith. Now, some followers are taking their devotions to the next level by purchasing religious furniture to convert space in their home for use as their very own home chapel.

Heavenly Wood ( is a company that has supplied pulpits, hymn boards, confessionals and other furniture to churches and synagogues nationwide since 2001. Heavenly Wood has been noticing a change in their clientele. It’s not just priests, pastors, and rabbis purchasing pews or baptismal fonts for their churches anymore. Lay people are buying and installing prie dieus for praying, altars for religious paraphernalia, personal kneelers, and other religious oriented furniture for personal home use.

The home chapel is also proving useful to people who want a spiritual atmosphere without actually affiliating with an organized religion. Some prefer to worship in private or with a small group of associates. The home chapel becomes a practical space where people are able to set aside the mundane parts of home-life and focus on the divine.

Church-on-demand is further facilitated by the advent of godcasting. Godcasting is the nickname for Internet-based religious broadcasts made available in MP3 format for download. An increasing number of churches and other religious organizations are producing godcasts of sermons, bible study, and worship services and posting them on the Internet for download free of charge. Pope Benedict XVI began recording podcasts in August 2005.

The home is no longer just a place to eat and sleep, it’s transforming into a self-contained society. People can now go to work, go to exercise, go to a movie, and now go to church without ever stepping out the front door.

For further information, please contact Morgan Cloward, Marketing Director of Heavenly Wood, 1-800-257-2968.


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