Unusual Dance Studio Opening in Central Ohio

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New dance center opening in Central Ohio offering a unique creative dance as an exercise regime.

In today’s health and fitness conscious society, it is always good to know about different ways of getting ones exercise and cardiovascular workout. Studio 7 Creative Dance Center will be opening in Lancaster, Ohio in June and is offering just that.

What is Creative Dance? The creative dance at Studio 7 is called Solarhythmical™ Dance. This dance was founded by the instructor and owner of Studio 7, Leisa Coffman. Leisa developed the dance in 2003 but claims she has danced Solarhythmically™ since she was a child.

Leisa comments, “At a very young age, I began making up dance moves. Aside from dancing around the house all the time, also for fun I would make up comical dances and name them. Dances I called the “Barn Dog” and “The Ruby” were just a couple of those comical dances. This of course was often entertaining for the family. But on a serious side, I often found myself alone in my room or wherever dancing. I always felt it was uplifting to me, of course not realizing at the time that there was a science behind feeling better when I danced”.

Dancing was always natural for Leisa and before even taking any dance classes; she found she naturally knew dance moves of all types and cultures, ranging from ballet, modern dance to spanish and middle eastern style of dancing.

Solarhythmical™ Dance is not a routine dance. Movements are based on the sub-conscious mind and your intuitiveness. That is why mediation is part of this unique and beautiful dance. Leisa explains, “The dance is very creative and once the dance moves are taught, each individual person will interpret that movement uniquely."

Leisa believes that everybody can dance. She states, “Of course there are different levels of dancing, there is dancing for performance purposes then there is dancing for personal purposes. My goal is to bring awareness to the fact that dance is for everybody, not just for performers or for people who naturally can dance with ease. Our bodies were designed to react to music; each of our seven Chakras is affected by a note. That is why we want to move when we hear music. Even if it’s just a tapping of the foot or of the hand, your sub-conscious mind is trying to make you aware that you need to dance. So dancing is very good for you physically and mentally. Solarythmical ™ Dance will teach you how to listen to your sub-conscious mind regarding your body movements. This dance is something you can do for performance or simply in the privacy of your own home as an exercise regime.”

Leisa says people of all ages can dance Solarhythmically™. She has taught ages ranging from early 20’s to late 60’s. Leisa says that after dancing for about four weeks, (at least three 20 minute sessions per week) you will notice your body toning. The first thing you will notice is arms, thighs, stomach area being more toned. Those with cellulite problems may notice decreased cellulite. Leisa claims that this is not only because of the physical stimulation but also because of the chakra meditation that is involved in preparation prior to dancing.

Leisa is also looking to develop a dance company from those students who want to perform the dance. She is also in the process of writing a book that will be packaged with an instructional DVD.

The name Studio 7 is named after the divine number seven. Leisa says, “The number seven is a divine number with many patterns to life and creation, but is also a very personal number to me. All my children have a connection with the number seven as well as myself. So that is why I named the center Studio 7."

Besides teaching dance, Leisa is the Director of Marketing for an entertainment company based out of Cleveland. The company publishes books and produces independent films as well as other entertainment entities. “The Derby Stallion” starring Disney’s rising star Zac Efron and veteran actors Bill Cobbs and William R. Moses, is the latest movie that was produced by the company.

The Grand Opening of Studio 7 is June 2nd from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the studio location, 117 W. Main St., Suite 177, in Lancaster. (Numerology break down of this date is 7.) Hors d'oeuvres and free giveaways and hand-out information will be available as well as the opportunity to meet and speak with Leisa.

To learn more about Studio 7 Creative Dance Center or to register for classes online go to http://www.7dance.com or you may contact Leisa Coffman at (740) 756-7650.

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