Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino Teaches Business Owners to Market More Effectively

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Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino recognizes that support and utilizing a revolutionary system that is producing more sales is the key to success for home based business owners. His addition to the training team at the Sales Center has paid immediate dividends as educated and motivated members produce more sales.

Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino is committed to providing the maximum support possible to his group members. Support is the key to success in any business, and when Marino was added to the training team at the Coastal Vacations Sales Center, it paid immediate dividends for the top rated home based business. The boost in sales indicates that training members to market more effectively was the correct strategy in maintaining their huge competitive edge. Learn more about Dean and his record setting system at

The Level 3 Director championed the roll out of a new pay plan that pays members commissions of $1000 and $3000 their first day in business. Even before they complete a single training sale. He feels putting cash in the pockets of new members quickly is a great motivator for them to learn and take action.

The Sales Center was successful from the start. In less than a year they became the fastest growing group in the Coastal program. Leaders of the group, however, realized that having a great selling system was not enough to maintain the brisk sales. Teaching members to market more effectively, and use all the tools that are available to them, was targeted by the leaders as the key to aggressive growth for years to come.

The members have really responded to the addition of Marino to the training team. He is well known among the Coastal membership because of his far reaching marketing methods, and his infectious enthusiasm for the business. He has been hosting live, interactive conference calls for the Sales Center group since August, and more recently has brought his 25 years of sales management, and sales experience to the training team.

When asked about the spike in sales since his addition, Marino had this to say; "It is a great honor to be part of this team as we all work toward our common goal of making a great system even better. Much of our recent success is attributable to us responding to member requests for training topics. Live training calls allow members to ask us questions, and interact. We are international, and while members in say, Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom often join the calls live in the wee hours of the morning, they are also encouraged to email their questions. Training calls are recorded and have become one of several training modules accessible to members on the training website.

"We recognize that everyone is different, and they absorb information differently. Some like to read the information, and check it out for themselves. One module includes written training with hyperlinks. Audio training can be downloaded to an MP3 player or burned to a CD and listened to while members drive, exercise, or are on a flight. We have video tutorials for those who want to see things, and of course, our interactive training calls every week for those that want to ask questions in a group setting. The key is that people can learn the way they learn best."

The company's success is simple. They found that 95 percent of all new home-based business owners fail to make a profit, and they set out to solve that problem.

The business failure of most new members is a real problem for all home based businesses, not just Coastal. However, it was the unique quality of their product and the mass appeal of travel that has given Coastal the opportunity and ability to do something about it . The Sales Center system provided unprecedented support to members that greatly increases their ability to succeed.

Dean Marino is devoted to helping the worldwide membership market more effectively and utilize the company's state-of-the-art prospect education and qualifying system. To learn more about Dean Marino, the maximum support he provides to his group members, and the revolutionary system his group uses, go to

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