Do You Know How To Hydrate Highly Textured Dry Hair?

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International holistic body care expert Mia Simone shares tips on how to keep dry hair hydrated and well moisturized. Hair solutions for people with curly, wavy, coiled, nappy, natural, weak and chemically treated hair.

Curly, coiled, wavy, nappy and kinky type hair is often called textured hair and can range from low to highly textured. Mia Simone, the natural body care expert, is known internationally for her 100% natural and organic hair care products designed for people with dry hair that is curly, coiled, wavy, nappy, kinky, natural, chemically treated, damaged and weak. All of her hair products focus on providing nourishment and moisture derived from plants (plant oils, plant butters, herbs and botanicals). Mia Simone's Boutique,, is an international Internet store selling hard to find specialty items for the skin, hair and body.

Mia Simone Recommendations For Hydrating Dry Low to Highly Textured Hair:

1. Use natural and organic moistures that work well for your hair type. Many people with dry low to highly textured hair experience success when using oil moisturizers, plant butter based moisturizers and crème moisturizers.

2. Moisturize your scalp and hair as often as needed based on your hair type and needs. For example, many people with highly textured hair find that they need to apply a moisturizer to their hair and scalp several times a week.

3. Apply moisturizer from roots to ends of hair to ensure complete distribution and to ensure that all of your hair is well moisturized.

4. Depending on the type of hair, density, thickness, and how wavy, curly or coiled your hair is will determine the amount of moisturizer your hair needs. For example, many customers with highly textured hair (tightly coiled or very curly or wavy hair) tend to apply more moisturizers in their hair during their weekly hair regimen as opposed to customers with low to medium textured hair that is wavy or curly.

5. Avoid chemically based hair moisturizers and hair products with alcohol as they can be very harsh and drying to the hair causing the hair to become brittle and overly porous.

Textured hair, especially highly textured hair usually suffers from dryness. Why? Because of the way the hair grows—in a wavy, curly or coiled pattern. All people have sebaceous glands in their scalp that produce natural oils to lubricate their hair. These natural oils have a harder time being distributed from the beginning of the hair shaft all the way down to the end of the hair shaft for people with textured hair types. This is why hair types that are curly, wavy and coiled often need moisturizers more so than people with straight hair types. Mia Simone specializes in making all natural and organic hair care that hydrates, moisturizes, conditions, strengthens, and nourishes the hair externally and internally.

Several products that continue to help the heads of Mia Simone’s customers are:

1. HOS-PV Ultra Hydrating Conditioning Treatment – an intensive deep moisturizing conditioning treatment.

2. Locs Coils Waves & Curls Moisture Rich Styling Souffle – a hair moisturizer that lubricates, hydrates, nourishes, reduces frizz and adds softness to the hair.

3. Aloe Vera Herbal Leave-In Treatment – no oily or greasy feeling. This product is multifunctional and serves as an: emollient, humectant, hair growth aid, vitamin-mineral-nutrient rich conditioner, treatment, scalp tonic, hair strengthener with extra nourishing properties--ALL in 1 bottle. Full of herbal, botanical, hair building, hair growing, nutrient rich, scalp soothing, and hair strengthening properties. For hair and scalp.

4. Moisture Therapy Avocado Shea & Cocoa Butter Crème – very thick smooth rich and creamy. Provides extra intensive moisture to the hair and skin. A must have for those who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry and severely dry skin and hair. Therapeutic, conditioning and very emollient. This product can also be used on curly, coiled, wavy, nappy, kinky, natural, chemically treated DRY and moisture lacking low to highly textured hair that is not fine.

5. Scalp & Hair Oil Therapy -- nutrient and moisture rich oil that helps give hair elasticity and health while enhancing hair growth.

6. Gourmet Handcrafted Shampoo Bars – a complete line of over 15 all natural and organic hair cleansers designed for dry to extremely dry hair.

Mia Simone’s Boutique is an international Internet boutique selling handcrafted accessories and all natural and organic skin and hair care products. Beautifying the body and helping it become healthy internally and externally is Mia Simone’s specialty. She is known to many as "The Natural Body Care Expert" and "The Connoisseur of Handcrafted Accessories". She is a speaker, educator and business woman with over 10 years of experience in business, nutrition, herbs and fashion accessory design. Customers continue to benefit from the owners expertise and products as seen in the below customer testimonials.

"I can already let you know. I ordered a sample of the Loc Coils Waves & Curls Moisture Rich Styling Soufflé and fell head over heels. My hair felt like tumble weed as I was transitioning. I decided to Big Chop and rid myself of the permed ends. I still experienced dryness and nothing seemed to work. I tried your Loc Coils Waves & Curls Moisture Rich Styling Soufflé and was instantly satisfied and people noticed the difference,” said Felicia S. (Stockbridge, GA).

"My hair absolutely agrees with the shampoo bars. I have very thick natural hair and I absolutely love the way my hair feels after using them. I will definitely be making another purchase soon," said Kevwe S. (Florida).

“The HOS-PV Ultra Hydrating Conditioning Treatment is wonderful. This treatment is fantastic for my daughter and I because our hair is so thick, we used the entire treatment for both of us. It gave us shine and a healthy glow,” said Rhonda J. (Owings Mills, MD).

Holistic body care expert Mia Simone designs her skin and hair care to be therapeutic and to meet specific needs and solve specific skin and hair problems. “It is important that my products nourish, heal, strengthen, balance, hydrate and moisturize in an all natural healthy way.” says Mia Simone.


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