Stock Trading and Technical Analysis Research Firm Now Extending a Helping Hand to the Smaller Trader / Investor

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After years of specifically targeting Hedge Funds, Investment Advisors, and Sophisticated Investors, is now extending its technical trading research arm to the proverbial “little guy.”

Oswald Castillo, President of has announced a fundamental shift in how his firm is going to do business going forward. This includes not only the method of how they deliver their timely stock market trading service and a complete website technology implementation, but also includes who they are willing to sell their research to.

“We are going to offer our services to anyone that is willing to step out of the box and enter the world of timely trade entries,” says company founder Oswald S. Castillo. “For years I have had nothing but disdain for all the purely price momentum confirmation based trade entries. The mass market of retail pseudo traders are getting their heads handed to them by following these rarely successful trading methodologies. This product and delivery method may be able to help these folks out.”

The new product offerings will all be done using the latest technology in streaming Audio / Video and Digital Rights Management (DRM). “This will allow our customers to both hear and see the thought processes that go into analyzing a trade, setting the reward to risk parameters and following through the plan. There will even be videos made of how to modify the plan in case things are not going according to plan as is often the case in professional trading.

“In the world of short term trading, whether that be stock, options, futures or whatever security, it has been studied and commonly accepted amongst traders that at least 90% of the participants fail and for most of them this means losing almost all, if not all, of their trading equity. The roaring 90’s only served so as to solidify these methods as ‘always being appropriate’ when in fact they are far from that,” continues Castillo.

”This means there is a pervasive gap between the actual truths known by the successful few versus what is being presented and/or how it is being interpreted by the other losing 90% based on what they want or think they need to believe.”

”The fact that you do not see more distribution of this kind of information and in conjunction with this kind of product delivery, I think, is an admission from others as to their lack of ability and confidence in picking off timely trade entries. This is, in my view, the ultimate ‘barrier to entry’ in this business and one that suits me just fine.”


Oswald S. Castillo

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