Firewalls, Virus Protection and Spyware Security Keep Intruders Out, Executive Blueprints Offers A Course to Keep Confidential Data In

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Businesses invest millions of dollars each year in Firewalls, Spyware Blockers, SPAM Filters and Virus Protection. Despite the attention and effort to keep unwanted intruders from corrupting vital company data, very little effort is spent to classify and protect the same critical data from getting out. The impact of mishandling confidential or strategic data can be more devastating than losing it. This is the topic of the latest course from Executive Blueprints and the Institute for Advanced Leadership.

Imagine the impact of customer data, financial records or strategic plans in the hands of competitors, disgruntled employees or posted on the Internet. “Ownership and Classification” is a course designed to address this potential devastation.

Protecting company confidential information is not just the responsibility of the technical gurus who manage the hardware or network. No matter how large or small the organization, there is critical data that must be protected. The individuals employed to maintain the integrity of the hardware typically have very little detailed knowledge of the confidential content of the data that is being managed. With so many software and communication applications deployed on personal computers, confidential data is stored and shared in a variety of ways.

“Information is a vital asset for the success of any organization,” said Louis W Mehrmann, author of “Ownership and Classification”. “It is therefore necessary to protect that asset from accidental or intentional, but unauthorized disclosure, modification, destruction or inability to process that information.”

“Ownership and Classification is a short and focused guide with instructions, definitions, explanations, and checklists to design a customized internal process for classifying and managing company critical data. The course includes a presentation and a companion workbook for “fill in the blank” personal notations and exercises. Managing company confidential data assets is a business and management responsibility. The course is available from

“Some companies take physical inventory of printers, computers, desks and office supplies, but fail to properly manage ownership of the most vital data assets. Many organizations have explicit policies and procedures regarding document retention and destruction of files, but neglect to create a formal guide with business rules and responsibilities for maintaining it, “said John Mehrmann of Executive Blueprints Inc. “Millions of dollars are spent to keep viruses and intruders from getting in, but very little is time or training is invested in keeping the same information from getting out.”

Sarbanes-Oxley addresses the importance of managing and protecting individual and financial confidential data. According to Circular No.A-123, beginning with the fiscal year 2006, federal government agencies are required to apply the same discipline and standards for internal controls on finance and operations as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Protecting customer credit card information, social security numbers and personnel records are only be the beginning of a comprehensive solution that includes data ownership and management.

With current technology for transmission, storage, communication and access to explicit and detailed records to so many individuals in every organization, is there a corresponding trend for training and communicating formal policies regarding individual responsibility? A recent informal study identified a startling trend that more than nine out of ten top executives and sales managers make complete copies of company records, customer contacts and communications as standard procedure when preparing to leave an organization. Where does that information go? “At home”, “personal files” and “into the next job” were the most common responses.

With more than thirty years of experience as a corporate auditor, trainer, security advisor, manager, technician and consultant for IBM, Louis Mehrmann brings a wealth of personal knowledge and expertise. “Ease of communication, transmission, individual software applications and storage capacity make proper management processes more critical than ever,” said Lou Mehrmann. “The technology is rapidly evolving, but the importance of protecting company confidential strategies and information assets is as old as business itself.”

“Ownership and Classification” is available from the Institute for Advanced Leadership, . Courses include self-paced presentations, companion workbooks and a certificate of completion. Other courses include:

“Change Management”, The Art of Progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order. Review the rules to change, the challenge and the reaction cycle. Learn how to introduce change, deal with resistance and plan for success. A course by Louis W Mehrmann.

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“Resume Design Instructions”, Ten Steps to designing a Stellar Resume. Shopping for employment is a hybrid of automated filter applications and "good old fashioned" human interpretation. To be effective, design a Resume for all of these areas. This ten step process is intended to provide useful instruction for developing a meaningful, accurate and compelling personal profile.

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