Song of Ancestors Recording a Spiritual Journey

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SunSites is proud to present two sacred, hidden articles in one two volume CD set on LULU. Both volumes create one spiritual journey. Generating an understanding of the story of man and his purpose. Furthermore answering for us primal questions such as: Who am I? What am I doing here? And, what does it matter. This New Complete, Spiritual Collection is called: Song of Ancestors and is available on LULU as a two volume set CD.

In her motherly, whispering voice Dottor Ov'man has endeavored to raise our collective consciousness as ancestors with: A New ‘Super Spiritual’ CD Audio Collection two volume set: Now available on LULU:


Beginning late 2004, two separate recordings arrived, anonymously a year apart to the SunSites PO. The first recording began with the words.... ”The Gospel of Truth is joy”. Subsequent research produced a history of this document stemming back to the Gnostic period, claiming to be the work of St Valentine. Again it had surfaced in 1945 in two different Coptic manuscripts of Greek translation found in the cave jars of Nag Hammadi. These manuscripts were found and translated into other modern languages, even before the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.

Online research also revealed an audio publishing resource, a service called LULU. This revolutionary company had been built upon the generosity of spirit that engendered the success of both the open code source community, and the Internet. SunSites was therefore advanced the opportunity to produce: Bathed by Light, as an audio file for download by Christmas time, 2004.

Another mystery package arrived, again, before Christmas the following year. This one contained three introduction audio clips; a more succinct recital of the Gospel of Truth, and, a brand new article recording. The new recording revealed itself to be a virtual word for word reading, of an early twentieth century, German article called: "Supersensible Knowledge" by Rudolf Steiner. Then, an enchanting single, an audio song, as well as, the words: “Song of Ancestors” penciled in on the mailer.

These recordings together seemed to produce by themselves, a solid spiritual scenario. A humanity immersed in spiritual conflict together with both ends of two millennium going in with instructions to heal. A new exciting way to once again embrace the journey back home, into the mystical realm of the soul. So, we gave the voice a name: Dottor Ov’man, and placed the culmination of all materials onto her LULU website, as follows:

BATHED BY LIGHT (Nobility of Purpose):

Dottor Ov'man believes that the Gospel of Truth was held in trust by Mary Magdalene, until it was written down within a century of The Resurrection, by St Valentine. Hidden no more: Since it was found at Nag Hammadi, smuggled out of Egypt and recovered by the Jung Society before 1955. This unique ancient Gospel speaks of an indivisible relationship between one and one's own god. Silenced for nearly 2000 years, Dottor Ov'man lends her voice to "..the flawless word" as it was delivered at the time *when time stood still.

Dottor Ov’man:

By entering humanity and returning to light in it, Jesus accelerated mankind toward the accomplishment of light over matter. Immediately following the Resurrection, Jesus put His Father's Word to light in the 'Gospel of Truth'. Until the world would come -when those who seek might find- freely and fearlessly... In an age of Christ Consciousness... this Age of the Internet.

SUPERSENSIBLE (Color of Mirror):

Supersensible Knowledge is a "Make Sense of it all"... Article by Rudolf Steiner, Copyright 1926 Anthroposophical Quarterly, London.

Taken into Secret society, protected and perfected for almost 2000 years for and by humanity; Steiner delivers a resource for living as a spiritual being - in a material world. The article sets to context a practical, modern day approach to the ancient mystical formula, found in the Gospel of Truth. Furthermore, he extends the invitation to us all - to evolve in our humanity, and, to seek a place for ourselves in... "The living book of the living".


Finding Magic Treasure is the secret desire of every soul. Now spiritual knowledge can be found in the complete collection called: Song of Ancestors.


Begins with an introduction to the contents of the two volume set: Song of Ancestors. Next, a memorized reversion of the ancient Gospel of Truth, (Bathed by Light) set in five sections.


Dottor Ov'man gives us a complete and free reading of the 1916, Supersensible Knowledge Article, by Rudolf Steiner, (Supersensible) set in five sections. Both CDs contain the original title song: "Song of Ancestors" sung by Dottor Ov'man.

Together we wish to set free the magic spirits -back onto the land- for all His children to see.... As if we were asked to step into a dream where all things at hand, and all matters at risk, rested entirely within our grasp... a dream which asks us to retrain our minds toward a higher caliber of reason and trust, as is proper protocol for all souls' journey of a lifetime. True ancestors reject the one who would chop down a tree to gain an apple, and support the one who plants fruit trees.

After many long years in development, an Internet based Pacific NW Company, SunSites is proud to present:

A New ‘Super Spiritual’ CD Audio Collection two volume set: Now available on LULU:



Mathew, or, Rosemarie Lynam,


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