New Book Explains Why End-Time Christians Will be Desperately Confused

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New book on end-time prophecy addresses Jesus’ statement that there will be great confusion among Christians when end-time events start to happen in earnest. Some of these events are alarming and will be quite unexpected by the majority of Christians. The book gives numerous guidelines for sorting it all out.

End-time prophecy talks about a time of great confusion such that, if it were possible, even the elect of God would be deceived. But the author of an interesting new book on end-time prophecy, James A. McCune, suggests most of us skim right over these verses convinced they couldn’t apply to us! And what about the verse where Jesus says to some of His most devoted followers: “depart from me, ye who work iniquity, I know you not.” “This is peculiar talk about ardent believers,” claims McCune, “there is something very significant going on here, and Christians need to be aware of it.”

Part II of the book, America, the True Church and the End of the Age, addresses the question of the True Church and is the most controversial. The book spends ten chapters covering the idea that the true church lies dormant because of false doctrine and pagan ways and needs restoring at the end-time. “The very possibility that a baptized believer can be rejected by Christ for iniquity is hard to understand unless obedience to the Law—or at least a good-faith attempt—is still required,” says Mr. McCune. One example of the church lying dormant, covered in Chapter 10 of the book, is the analogy of the grain harvest as a harvest of souls. Mr. McCune comments: “The idea that there has been a continuous harvest of souls since the first century doesn’t fit the grain harvest analogy. There is a Spring harvest and a Fall harvest, not one long, continuous harvest. Hence there should be an early church (the one founded by Christ and His disciples) and a latter church (raised up by the two witnesses).” Evidence from the other nine chapters in this section presents a strong case against the modern church.

The author asks the question: “What if the end-time message of the two witnesses to Christians is for them to walk out of their churches, shake the dust off their feet, and not look back? If they are the two olive trees of Revelation 11, won’t they fill the candlesticks of Revelation 1:20 with the oil of the Holy Spirit thereby restoring the True Church?” Clearly if McCune is right about this it would be grounds for massive confusion at the end-time—especially among Christians. Revelation 11 claims that most Christians will reject the two witnesses, and will celebrate when they are finally killed!

Part III of America, the True Church and the End of the Age covers the timing and sequence of end-time events, beginning with the attack on Israel by a consortium of Arab nations led by Iran . . . the event that Mr. McCune thinks will kick off the final seven years known in Bible prophecy as “Daniel’s seventieth week.” After this deadly attack, according to McCune, the two witnesses appear and things start to get very confusing very fast: “One of the two witnesses is the white horse rider of Revelation 6 (the first seal) who goes out starting wars (Hag. 2:20-23) at the same time the Beast is negotiating peace treaties. Talk about confusion.”

But where the author discovers confusion, he attempts to explain it. Chapter 21 of the book deals with discerning between true and false ministers. Readers will particularly enjoy the section that lists, side by side, sixteen differences between the two witnesses (true prophets) and the beast and false prophet (false prophets) to help them identify them when they do appear.     

All in all, America, the True Church and the End of the Age discusses end-time confusions of all types, including beliefs, persons and events. “This story is more exciting and reads stranger than any fiction you’ll ever read” claims McCune, “but it’s all documented with solid research and careful cross-proofs.” “These ideas are too important to dismiss just because they seem radical. Every Christian needs to be sure. Go through them carefully and disprove them if you can, but don’t ignore them . . . I get the sense that time is short.”

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