Artificial Muscle Inc. Launches AMI Electronics Division to Market its High-Voltage Electronic Components

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New division set to capitalize on high-voltage components developed for use with AMI’s Electroactive Polymer Artificial Muscle (EPAM) Linear Actuators

Artificial Muscle, Inc (AMI) today announced that it has formed a separate division to commercialize its DC to DC converters and other high-voltage electronic components. The new division, AMI Electronics (AMIE), will sell a unique line of electronic components to commercial, industrial, medical, military, and consumer OEMs. Timothy Coogan was named General Manager of the AMI Electronics Division in addition to his role as Director of Marketing for Artificial Muscle.

“EPAM actuators require a sophisticated low power, step-up DC to DC converter with a rich set of features at a low price,” said Tim Coogan, General Manager of AMI Electronics. “Existing DC to DC converters simply don’t provide the appropriate mix of features at a price that makes sense for high volume Artificial Muscle applications such as linear actuators, pumps, and proportional valves. As such, we developed our own step-up electronic components for internal use, and have determined that DC to DC converters with this rich feature/price ratio are in demand for a wide variety of high volume applications.”

AMI Electronics first product line will be the ThunderTM family of DC to DC converters. (See related AMI Electronics Thunder product announcement press release). AMIE’s Thunder family of high-voltage 1.5W DC to DC converters are available today with input voltages 0-5, 12, or 24 volts and output voltages of 500-5000 volts.

“While Artificial Muscle continues to lower our operating voltage requirements, we have provided high-voltage products to a broad spectrum of aerospace, automotive, medical, consumer electronics, and other Fortune 500 companies and international academic and research institutions since 2004,” said Charlie Duncheon, Artificial Muscle’s acting CEO. “This new initiative allows customers to purchase our electronic components separately with output voltage specifications far greater than our own EPAM products require. AMI Electronics is the first example of our leveraged R&D strategy that capitalizes on the investments we have made to bring the first high-volume Universal Muscle ActuatorTM (UMATM) to market.”

AMI Electronics Division is located in Menlo Park, California. The division can be reached at (650) 331-2890. Details of the division and the product line can be seen at the AMI Electronics website,

About Artificial Muscle Inc.

Artificial Muscle Inc. (AMI) is a Silicon Valley-based high-technology company that designs and manufactures actuator and sensing components based on a new technology platform called electroactive polymer artificial muscle (EPAM). EPAM technology is called artificial muscle because, much like human muscle, it efficiently converts one form of energy (electrical field energy) into mechanical motion. It offers significant advantages over typical electromagnetic-based technologies because it is much lighter, smaller, quieter and cheaper, and offers more controllable and flexible configurations. EPAM devices serve as lightweight, highly efficient alternatives to actuators, small motors, generators, sensors, and speakers used in products ranging from automobiles to audio loudspeakers. AMI addresses a multi-billion dollar market with artificial muscle-based components for industrial, medical, consumer, automotive, and aerospace applications.

EPAM technology was originally developed at SRI International, which subsequently founded AMI to exclusively commercialize artificial muscle technology. AMI became an independent company in early 2004 with venture fund financing from ARCH Venture Partners, NGEN Partners, and Vanguard Ventures.

Artificial Muscle, EPAM, Universal Muscle Actuator, Thunder and UMA are trademarks of Artificial Muscle Inc.

Contact Artificial Muscle, Inc.:

Charlie Duncheon

Tel: 650-331-2875


Contact AMI Electronics:

Timothy E. Coogan

Tel: 650-331-2890

Fax: 650-331-2877


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