A Message to Stop The Nuclear Explosion Called: Divine Strike June 2nd, 2006

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There is a huge explosion of 700 tons of explosives scheduled to be detonated with an Nuclear Atomic Warhead detonation device scheduled for June 2nd, 2006 at the Nevada Test Site, called "Divine Strake,” at the Nuclear Test Site just outside of Las Vegas.

There is a huge explosion of 700 tons of explosives scheduled to be detonated with an Nuclear Atomic Warhead detonation device scheduled for June 2nd, 2006 at the Nevada Test Site, called "Divine Strake,” at the Nuclear Test Site just outside of Las Vegas... We need your help in standing up to protect life is the message from Corbin Harney and his Western Shoshone people, his friends and many other organizations and groups.

His website is at http://www.shundahi.org. Many are working to help stop this powerful devastation of Mother Earth in the continued disregard for humanities sake and all living life forms that sustain us. Harmony to the planet is being threatened once again in our everyday lives taking Mother Earth more out of balance in nature’s environments everywhere. How much more can she take? Here are some of the organizations to contact for your support: This group called C.R.O.W. has been organized Come Rebuild Our World, on June 2nd, at the Nevada Test Site, Contact them at (530) 277-0128. Go online at: http://www.SHUNDAHI.ORG in affiliation with the Shundahi Network where Corbin Harney works out of from within his work giving service to protect the environment as a Native American.

The Divine Strake

Bomb test news: Pentagon to Test a Huge Conventional Bomb

A huge mushroom cloud of dust is expected to rise over Nevada's desert in June when the Pentagon plans to detonate a gigantic 700-ton explosive -- the biggest open-air chemical blast ever at the Nevada Test Site -- as part of the research into developing weapons that can destroy deeply buried military targets, officials said yesterday.

The test, code-named "Divine Strake," will occur on June 2 about 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas in a high desert valley bounded by mountains, according to Pentagon and Energy Department officials.

"This is the largest single explosive we could imagine doing," said James A. Tegnelia, director of the Pentagon's Defense Threat Reduction Agency, which is conducting the test.

The test is aimed at determining how well a massive conventional bomb would perform against fortified underground targets -- such as military headquarters; biological or chemical weapons stockpiles, and long-range missiles -- that the Pentagon says are proliferating among potential adversaries around the world.

Divine Strake? Strake is a nautical term:

A single continuous line of planking or metal plating extending on a vessel's hull from stem to stern.

Corbin harney spiritual leader of the Western Shoshone, speaks his truth saying, "we only have one air, one water, one mother earth"

There are walks scheduled all week starting the morning of April 9th walking from Las Vegas towards the Nevada Test Site and arriving there before the gathering on April 16th on Saturday. The walk starts up everyday from where they will stop at the end of each day and continuing the following day until they reach the Nevada Test Site. There will be a gathering and speakers will talk about the importance of stopping this Nuclear Explosions Detonation.

Prayers in meditations are needed immediately in helping to stop this crime against nature from happening to our Mother Earth and her inhabitants. We will be joining the many working to help in every way that we can in bring awareness to stopping this Weapon of Mass Destruction from being tested on the homelands of the Western Shoshone. I am working with the Spiritual Groups preparing in the Las Vegas and Pahrump, Nevada areas in supporting the Western Shoshone and other groups to stop the Nevada Test of this weapon. Those that are that are in Support of the May 13th and 14th Uto Aztecan Crescent Moon Ceremony know of the importance of this walk and many are beginning to gather to support this cause at the Nevada Test Site on April 16th.

The Uto Aztecan Crescent Moon Ceremony on May 13th and 14th will be held on Mt. Charleston just outside of Las Vegas. Healing the Mountain in sacred prayers and sacred sounds in with the sacred instruments of all Nations attending this gathering restoring nature’s forces into harmony. I feel this ceremonial gathering becomes so important with the messages that we are bringing in peace. Awareness is needed now interpreting the importance of protecting Mother Earth’s sacred sites and her forces in nature restoring balance and harmony upon Mother Earth. Rebirthing the snow, rain and springs into this area and other areas in within the broken hoops of nature circles of life that work in circles within circles. As we continue to heal the huge circle that was prepared on of the May 8th, 2004, that alleviated the Volcano that was about to explode in the Yellowstone National Park, called the Magnificent 19 + 1 = 20, the Grand Teton Medicine Wheel Ceremony..

The flower of life symbol shows how we can heal all of nature’s forces when we use our minds, for we are powerful when we come together in great numbers. With one heart, one mind and one spirit we can move the mountains in sacredness. This was showed on May 8th, 2004. If we can stop a volcano from exploding what else can we do to heal Mother Nature that is out of balance. An example is the Global Warming; the polar caps are melting, the Green House Effect, what does this mean to the peoples of the Earth? I believe this work that many of us did now helps us understand that we can make a huge difference-birthing miracles in sacred thoughts as we heal all of Mother Natures Carpets World Wide. This is the importance of peace world wide, do we want the record of the Earth to show another civilization destroyed because of a few peoples greed in controlling the resources of Mother Earth, look at the record of past history of the civilizations that have been destroyed by the ignorance of destroying Mother Earth Resources in Materialistic Attitudes.

Water is Life and we can rebirth this life force with our minds when we work together. We can make a difference all nations and nationalities sitting in peaceful circles working out the problems of our relationships together with each other. Gathering the Nations remembering we are all Children of Mother Earth no matter the color of our skin or our differences.

May we all continue to do our parts for peace please support our fellow brothers and sisters of the Western Shoshone and with Elder and Spiritual Leader Corbin Harney of the Western Shoshone Shundahi Networks. Supporting in stopping these weapons of mass destruction from hurting Mother Earth and all of her life forms at http://www.shundahi.org. Also in supporting the United Nations Declaration to the United States to restore the lands back to the Western Shoshone. This Nevada Test Site is on some to the land illegally taken in the lawsuit brought against the United States by the Western Shoshone. Please support in everyway possible this is our lives and our children’s lives that are at stake. I ask of humanity what is so divine about a weapon with a name like Divine Strake that will contaminate all living life forms?

In a vision and dream I have saw and heard the messages from the Warriors of Old that if this blast takes place it will set off Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and Volcanic repercussions around the country and especially within the Yellowstone Volcanic Caldera in the Yellowstone National Park of Wyoming. This is the warning to humanity in the message that has been received in this vision from the Ancestors, the Warriors of Old, Speaking the Spoken Truth. I pray that those in charge in the U.S.Governments circles will change their minds and do what is right for humanity and Mother Earth. Many blessings are needed for our peoples of the White, Black, Yellow, Red and Brown Nations. Is this explosion one of the Blessings? There is a belief on the tongues of many that we need an immediate working relationship in bringing awareness of Healing our differences, while healing Mother Earth, peace coalitions worldwide.

Lets all bringing about a consciousness about how bad sound effects the weather around the world. Contamination and Pollution in war, we are the one to bring the unconsciousness into responsiveness in messages to humanity of how Mother Earth works. So that the many individuals across the world can begin to remember the truth how the Earth really works with us as the guardians in peace. We will prevail in bring this awareness of how bad sound is causing the environment to fall apart. The prophecy says that the Indigenous Nations will awaken and remember their stewardship of Mother Earth.

We will reawaken to the call to bring the healing wisdoms and knowledge’s to the world in the Seventh Fire, now. The Warriors of the Rainbow in all Nations returning with powerful messages for peace and we are here at this moment in history to help many awaken to the truth. As I have mentioned above this is time to bring the truth out on the how and why the environment is being effected. With the many messages about the cause and effect of the disasters and how they are being made due to this kind of mismanagement of the resources on Mother Earth. Many messages from an Indigenous perspective as an Eastern Shoshone is the same message from many in support of stopping this explosion on the surface of Western Shoshone’s homelands that have been taken illegally and are now in the control of the U.S. Government. We are many here now in Las Vegas working with Corbin Harney and other individuals. Many prayers and blessings are needed to help stop this immediately. These powerful times in history are here like never ever before on Mother Earth lets act accordingly in peaceful relationships our lives depend upon it. A fellow brother for peace and harmony and again this message from the Hopi, “We Are The People We Have Been Waiting For”, a fellow brother for peace and harmony.

Bennie “BlueThunder” LeBeau

Eastern Shoshone, Fort Washakie, Wyoming

Las Vegas, Nevada, April 9th, 2006


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