Former Singer with Peter Criss (from Kiss) Jason Ebs forms All-Star Rock Band "Ecotonic".

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Jason Ebs, the former singer for Peter Criss on the 'Bad Boys of KISS" Tours, has officially formed new band "Ecotonic" along with Janea Chadwick Ebs, Les July, and Scot Bihlman. They are busy recording their debut CD "Electrified" and are seeking a record deal, publishing deal, and music management.

"Ecotone" by definition is "a place where two or more biological systems collide".

To the band, Ecotonic is a description of the place "where two or more musical styles collide." Having elements of Rock, Folk, Blues, and Funk, Ecotonic delivers anything from a wall of sound to the delicate simplicity of a guitar & vocal.

Additionally, a 'Tonic' is defined as a "medicine or other agent that restores or stimulates physical, mental, or emotional vigor." Therefore, 'Ecotonic' also represents a musical elixir for any ailments caused by the collision of biological systems.

Previously known as "Jason & Janea", Ecotonic was officially born on 04-05-06. "It just seemed like a necessary progression, as Scot and Les added so much more of a band feel to everything" says Ebs. "Janea and I didn't feel that the former name reflected who we had grown to become," says the co-founding member and bandleader. "We're really excited about the new CD and are looking forward to getting on the road"!

Originally, Les July and Jason Ebs met on-stage during an celebrity jam session with guitarist Richie Kotzen (Poison) and drummer Matt Laug (Slash's Snakepit, drummer on Alanis' "Jagged Little Pill" CD) in Hollywood at a nightclub called "Spice".

With both an acoustic and an electric side, it enables them to cover many sides of musicality, from driving Rock & Roll Songs like "Stone Pressure" to acoustic based ethereal rock. They get musical diversity by using alternate open tunings and plush vocal harmonies; they really don't model themselves after any other artists, yet they have elements of many. It's all about the Song, Delivery, and Presentation and musicality of the moment with a certain indifference to what's going on in pop rock & roll music culture.

Recently featured at Music Connection Magazine's "Best Kept Secrets" Showcase at the Gig in Hollywood, they've been dubbed a 'Fleetwood Mac meets Audioslave'.

Jason Ebs (Jason Conrad Ebsworth) comes from a rock & roll background, having toured with Peter Criss (Kiss) as lead singer/guitarist for "Criss" during the 'Bad Boys of Kiss' tours of 1995-1996 (a double-billing with Ace Frehley's band). Originally from New Jersey & Philadelphia area, he relocated to Los Angeles to attend GIT in the 90's following a few years at Penn State University and in The United States Army Reserves. He's also played with Terri Nunn's Berlin and has a solo rock & roll record released on Kinky Organ Music/MusicRocks Records called Twisted Roots". It's currently available on Itunes, Musicmatch, and Ebs brings the rock.

Janea Chadwick Ebs (Janea Chadwick Ebsworth) comes from more of an Acoustic Folk and R&B background whose main influences were Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac, Crosby Stills & Nash, and Stevie Wonder. Hailing from Santa Barbara, she's written songs and worked with producer Jay Graydon, and has toured with Kenny Loggins, Joe Cocker, Sheryl Crow, and many others. "Jason & I were eating at the Beverly Glen Diner when Joni Mitchell came in; it was so wonderful, we spoke for hours and ended up treating her to dinner!" Janea has a hauntingly beautiful voice with the right mix of delicacy, balls, and sass. She brings the folk.

Les July brings his feel on both Fretless & Fretted Bass, though he is also an accomplished songwriter and guitarist. His credits include Herbie Hancock, Dr. Dre, Kate Bush, and many others. Originally from New York, he brings in the funk.

Scot Bihlman rounds out the band on Drums and Percussion. Also an accomplished guitar player and singer, he brings the blues to the band. His credits include BB King, Muddy Waters, Bihlman Bros, and many others.

Together, they combine the best of Rock & Roll, Blues, Funk, and Folk in both Electric and Acoustic forums. "We like to rock out electrically and then break it down to the rawest form as an acoustic act" says July. "It really helps the songs be heard for what they are," he adds, "and I'll go between bass and acoustic guitar depending on the song."

The music is delicately heavy with elements of Heart, Lenny Kravitz, Cheryl Crow, Audioslave, and Alice in Chains.

'Ecotonic' is currently in the studio recording their first full length CD targeting a Summer 2006 release. Ebs is recording and producing the CD to be called "Electified" at his Los Angeles based studio Kinky Organ Music.

"It's so nice to record in the comfort of our own home," says Janea. "We do a few takes, then take a break, dive in the pool, and then hit it again!"

Guest performances on the record include drummer Eddie Rogers on the track "Nobody Knows". Eddie played in Skoff with Jason following Peter Criss' return to Kiss in 1996 for their reunion tour.

Additionally, Jan (Jannisue) Ingram is featured on Harmony Vocals on "Unfold Me".

Electric guitars, Acoustic guitars, and Keys by Jason Ebs. Drums by Scot Bihlman. Bass tracks by Les July and Jason Ebs. Vocals by Jason & Janea.

"I'm really excited about this record," says Ebs. "I feel like it's my best work to date, as the songs capture such a male/female dynamic of such a variety of issues prevalent in society today." Additionally, he adds "I'm so excited for songs like 'Unfold Me', 'Except Time', and 'The Wave' to reach the public.

"The hardest thing about this record is to deciding which songs will make the cut," says Ebs. "There are so many songs pouring out of us that we've just been tracking song-after-song to get them down so we don't forget them; they each just keep feeling better and better. We're probably going to release an Electric CD and an Acoustic CD simultaneously, and call the Acoustic CD "Out of the Ashes."

Jason & Janea wrote all songs on this CD. Additional songs may be heard at

Advanced Downloads of the record are available for purchase at

"We'd really like to thank Tony De La Rosa at Greg Bennett Guitars for the amazing instruments that he's provided to us. Also, we'd like to thank Gibson Strings, Seymour/Duncan Pick-ups, DC California Drums, Groove Tubes (GT-67 & VIPRE), Samson, D'Addario Strings, Ibanez Guitars, Fernandez Guitars, Ovation Acoustic Guitars, Shure Microphones, and Modern Technology for enabling us to get the sounds that we are getting."

Industry People may contact James Edwards or Jason Ebs @ at Kinky Organ Music (310)-710-1716 for additional info and a package.

Ecotonic is seeking a Record Deal (or Distribution Deal), Publishing Deal, and Music Management to help them get to the next level.


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