Da Vinci's Most Memorable Birthday Gifts

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The world celebrates Leonardo da Vinci's birthday on April 15th. With the soaring visibility of "The Da Vinci Code" book and upcoming movie, the "cryptex" -- believed to have been invented by da Vinci -- is seeing a resurgence as a gift-giving instrument in the version offered by Encrypta Gifts.

Leonardo da Vinci's was born on April 15, 1452, so the world celebrates his birthday this month. No one knows what birthday gifts he gave to others over his 67 years, but those delivered via a cryptex were likely his most memorable. This memorable experience is now available to modern-day gift givers with the availability of the Encrypta cryptex.

da Vinci is believed to have invented the cryptex as an instrument for delivering private messages. Such "keep-safe" devices required knowledge of a secret code to gain access to a hidden chamber inside. Imagine the excitement and fun da Vinci probably had giving friends a cryptex and watching them decipher the code to retrieve the gift concealed within.

Almost five-hundred years later, the cryptex is experiencing a resurgence as a gift-giving instrument due to:

  • The central role of a cryptex in the best-selling book and soon-to-be-release movie, "The Da Vinci Code";
  • The introduction of a cryptex by Encrypta Gifts, which is modeled after the da Vinci "keep-safes" but designed specifically for modern-day gift giving.

When someone purchases an Encrypta cryptex, they select a 7-character secret code appropriate for the recipient – such as a riddle answer, romantic message, person's name, date, or school name. This code is laser-etched into the cryptex's rotating wood tumblers, which must be aligned in the correct sequence for the recipient to access the hidden chamber-key.

Being able to personalize a cryptex with a secret code and a concealed gift (e.g., money, jewelry, personal note, treasure hunt clue) makes for a gift-giving/receiving experience that's thoughtful, surprising, and fun – and, hopefully, creates the same delight da Vinci and his friends probably experienced during the Renaissance.

Encrypta Gifts, based in Wisconsin, creates gift items that help people make a personal connection with each other. The company's Encrypta cryptex, priced at $79.95, can be custom ordered at http://www.EncryptaGifts.com or by calling 866-254-3812.


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