Research Confirms Emu Oil to have Trans-dermal Delivery Applications

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Emu Oil has been used in topical delivery applications by the aborigines for over a thousand years. LB Processors, specializing in emu oil processing, has utilized this folk lore application. Emu Oil in a muscle and joint cream has been very effective.

Emu oil is being used by cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies in trans-dermal delivery applications. The trans-dermal delivery of Emu oil was researched by the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. This research compared Emu oil to other types of oils in the delivery of nutrients. The data suggested that the delivery of nutrients by emu oil might be greater than current delivery systems.

The Emu, a native to Australia, is being domestically raised in the US as a livestock. The emu is processed for its meat, fat and hides. The Australia aborigines have used these products for centuries. Emu oil is considered as a folk lore ointment by the aborigines.    

LB Processors, LLC is taking this valuable information about emu oil and marketing products that utilize its trans-dermal delivery qualities. Research has shown that in anti-inflammatory applications, more emu oil is better. LB Processors is one of the only companies marketing a muscle joint cream with 20% emu oil, seeing the results that prove that more is better.

LB Processors markets a Muscle and Joint cream, with the key ingredients being Emu Oil, MSM and Glucosamine. Glucosamine has been researched to be able to rebuild cartilage between joints. Normally it is taken orally which just a small amount may be carried to the problem area. By using it as a topical application, the emu oil carries the glucosamine directly into the problem area.

Customers are testifying that LB Processors, Country Divine muscle and joint cream with the new patent pending ultra emu oil ( beats other muscle joint creams in the quality and speed of relief that they feel from muscle joint pain. Ann Huff, a chronic pain sufferer says that she felt almost instant relief when using the emu oil on the arthritic joints in her fingers. Other pain sufferers are writing and calling in with like testimonies as well.

Many cosmetic companies are seeing for themselves the benefits of using emu oil in their cosmetic bases or adding emu oil as a natural ingredient to their products. When emu oil is added to moisturizers, lotions and lip balms it makes the ingredients that are mixed with work better, penetrate the skin deeper and faster. Emu oil is becoming one of the hottest new ingredients on the market today.

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