Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino Exposes The Top Scams

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Top California based Level 3 Director Dean Marino exposes the most prevalent scams to cheat would-be Coastal Vacations members. He believes knowledge is power. His goal is to empower the general public with the release of this information.

Any business offering value enhanced products that are in high demand will attract distributors with integrity and those that lack integrity. Coastal Vacations is no exception. Director Dean Marino is a top Level 3 member. He hosts prospect Q&A calls and group training calls for the fastest growing and largest group in the top rated home based business. He co-hosted the first ever podcast coverage of the recently concluded Board of Directors conference from Orlando Florida.

Because of his prominent position with the 11 year old home based business, many individuals contact him for advice after they have been separated from their hard earned money by unscrupulous sponsors. It is hoped that exposing the major scams will prevent others from following these wronged individuals down the same unfortunate path.

Marino explained that independent entrepreneurs market the Coastal Vacations program as they see fit. While the quality of the travel products have a wonderful track record, complaints are focused at the questionable business practices of a small minority.

There are 5 prevalent scams unprincipled sponsors use. Not just with Coastal Vacations, but with other home based business opportunities as well. They are (1) the disappearing sponsor, (2) the too good to be true offer sponsor, (3) The I am the only way and the light sponsor, which is often also (4) the up sell sponsor, and (5) the pie in the sky sponsor We will take a brief look at each of these and explain the steps people can take to avoid these common scams.

1) The disappearing sponsor is pretty self explanatory. This individual signs people up and that is the last they hear from him or her. Some of the sponsors in this category are simply part timers unable to clear part of their schedule for training, while others are so fragmented selling so many lotions and potions, that they simply don't have the time. Some that fall into this category just don't know how to help new members, while others may not feel their new associates have what it takes to succeed and feel it would be a waste of their time trying to train them.

(2) The too good to be true offer sponsor has spent more time setting the trap. The offer may take many different shapes from payment plans to bonuses like cameras and music players that are unrelated to your success, and even fraudulent releases for a fraction of what a legitimate entry to the business would cost.

Marino explained that bonuses related to business success are a good sign and may indicate a sponsor's willingness and ability to follow through, but other free gifts may indicate that they will not be there when needed and they want to make up for it with trinkets.

Payment plan artists seem happy to collect the $500 or $200 down payment knowing that an individual with such a minimal commitment to the business will not follow through and the down payment will be pure profit. They may also become a disappearing sponsor once the initial payment is made.

Those selling fraudulent releases prey on the same clientele that would buy a high definition television from the back of an unmarked van. Like with the stolen television, victims are lured by deep discounts. Even if the fraudulent documents pass the shipping center's securitization for one or two orders, they have no support system to plug into. They entered the business with an individual who does not operate within Coastal Vacations guidelines and has absolutely no incentive to deliver any assistance when needed. Once the scam is discovered, they have about the same recourse as stolen television owners looking for warranty coverage.

(3) The I am the only way and the light sponsor and the (4) up sell sponsor are often one in the same.

These sponsors are often lone wolves who don't belong to any of the major groups in the Coastal community. They don't attend the conferences or participate in any official Coastal Vacations events. They also recommend you don't participate either so that they can be your only source of information. The assistance often includes the purchase of websites, advertising coops, and marketing tools from them. Rather that offering free help, the answer to your question often leads to the purchase of an expensive, over priced tool.

Common sense should tell you that no one individual is going to discover a method that works for everyone. What are the chances this miracle technique eluded large groups that have profited from this business for over 11 years?

(5) the pie in the sky sponsor can take many shapes. Their success may be overstated and the implication that you can enjoy the same success with minimal effort is at least implied. They may offer deep discounts and then not deliver or they may offer some mysterious success system that will be revealed after you hand over the money.

So how do potential business owners protect themselves from the scams that are out there? Your first defense is logic. Examine the offer in a logical manner. Does it make sense that the offer is genuine?

Next, examine the offer maker. Is your potential sponsor a leader in the business you are considering? Do they answer their own phone on a regular basis, or are all their calls screened? Are they active with a major group in Coastal? Do you hear them on the conference calls regularly? Did they attend the most recent conference in Orlando? The answers to these questions measure the commitment your potential sponsor has to the business and indicate whether or not they operate a legitimate business.

Do a Google search. Do others have complaints about them, or are they a ghost and have no reputation positive or negative on the internet?

Examine the system your potential sponsor is using to sell you. Does it require a master salesperson or computer expert to make it work? Can you visualize yourself utilizing the same system and having the success you desire?

Home based business success can open the doors to a whole new life, but don't get so caught up in the dream that you fail to see the potential problems. Do your homework. When done the right way, your next step can change your life and when done the wrong way you can loose. Don't treat this like the purchase of a new sofa. It is more important than that. Doing your due diligence will take some time, but you will be better served to invest your time before you invest your money.

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