Reversing the 'End Times' Prophecy

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Coco Tralla LLC -- author, publisher and distributor focused on reversing the “end times” prophecy -- seeks the truth about the misuse of a “new” energy intentionally kept from the public for decades. (“New” is in quotes because it was discovered decades ago, then kept hidden by key players in government and industry.) While doing research for Book Two of a seven book series, Coco Tralla LLC discovered its misuse creates earthquakes, hurricanes and other “natural” disasters. Through Realty Fiction (tm) entertainment, Tralla Productions aims to reverse an ancient prophecy of the “end times” by asking questions that must be answered.

Through extensive research for Book Two in a seven book series of Realty Fiction (tm), Coco Tralla LLC questions the misuse of an energy resource that, when used properly, makes oil and gas, even electrical lines obsolete. The company claims the misuse of this energy explains the unexplained science of the Fall of the Towers on 9/11/01, as well as the multiple “record breaking” natural disasters that have occurred since that fateful day. In view of the catastrophic events since 9/11, Tralla Productions (pronounced like tra-la-la) asks seven questions:

1. Since no plane hit Building 7 on 9/11/01, yet the building “pancaked,” could it be possible an undisclosed weapon of mass destruction was used that day?

2. Is the US government’s decision to perform nuclear testing in Nevada on June 2, 2006, which would create the first mushroom cloud to appear on American soil for decades, a good idea? [Note: In May 2006, the date for this test was definitely postphoned.]

3. In view of the massive illnesses in the aftermath of dropping the bomb in Hiroshima, should the US government get public approval prior to nuclear testing, experimenting or using any type of weapons of mass destruction? (For documented proof of its devastation, examine the written record outside mainstream media and the US government, because many facts were kept from the public.) Also, in view of the heinous birth defects that result in depleted uranium, shouldn't its use in Iraq require public approval too?

4. Classified information in US Defense programs have sky rocketed since 9/11/01, especially the monies for advanced weaponry. Since certain patents pending and currently held by the US government prove the existence of a new science and technology in weather warfare, should the US government classify, and therefore keep hidden, any weapons development with the potential to create “natural” disasters?

5. Is the US government to be trusted with $439 billion to “test” space weapons, especially since advanced laser based weapons beamed into the atmosphere or inside the earth have the potential to destroy the planet? The classified portion -- $439 billion in the proposed budget for fiscal year beginning October 1, 2006 -- has been “blacked out for national security reasons.”

6. In the proposed budget, the Pentagon will ask Congress for "hundreds of millions of dollars" to test weapons in space, but what if the money was spent researching whether or not US space based weapons have caused the polar ice cap to melt and therefore escalate the current global warming crisis (more specifically the use of charged particle warfare and energy directed electromagnetic laser beams directed at the earth's atmosphere or its inner core)?

7. In view of the unexplained “oddities” on 9/11/01 and the “record breaking” catastrophic events that have occurred annually thereafter, does the US government have an obligation to announce any classified weapons with the potential to create mass destruction, especially if these events are reported in mainstream media as “acts of God” and appear to the general public as “natural” disasters?

Although Coco Tralla, LLC products are unavailable through distributors and therefore are not in stores worldwide yet, the company plans to change its position at the BEA BookExpo America 2006 in Washington, D.C. After moving 27,000 lbs. of inventory three times and implementing a new shopping cart four times for safety and security reasons, Tralla Productions will continue to reverse the prophecy by making the connection soon.

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