Coastal Vacations Director Jay NaPier Exposes Coastal Vacations Scam Artists

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Homebased Business expert and Coastal Vacations Level 3 Director Jay NaPier exposes Coastal Vacations Scams to educate potential new members. He answers the most asked questions he gets about Coastal Vacations and blows the lid off of those who are looking to take peoples hard earned money.

Jay NaPier, former restaurant franchise owner and current Coastal Vacations Level 3 Director exposes Coastal Vacations scam artists.

Homebased business expert Jay NaPier has found that transforming from a traditional business owner to a homebased business owner offers some unique challenges. NaPier takes dozens of calls per week from people about Coastal Vacations because of his 17 years of business success.

NaPier explained that all high demand product will attract people like myself with a strong business track record and integrity and a few who are just scam artists.

Because Coastal Vacations is a business of independent entrepreneurs they can market the membership as they see fit. The Coastal Vacations Membership has a success record of over 11 years. NaPier's objective is to expose the Coastal Vacations scams that have separated people from their hard earned money.

NaPier explained that he has dozens of team members who were taken by other Coastal Vacations directors and lead down the wrong path.

There are 6 types of directors who can easily be detected by their actions and the products they market as a part of Coastal Vacations. These directors include (1)the missing sponsor,(2) the we do all the work sponsor,(3)the god ,(4)the upgrade sponsor,(5)the lier,and (6)the big bargain sponsor.

1) The missing sponsor is much like what is called a slash and burn salesperson. This person signs people up and then goes missing, never to be heard from again. Some have no focus and are easily distracted by other activities. Others were never properly trained by their director. Then, there are the ones who are not patient with their team and will not allow their team member to grow, feeling that spending time with a team member is a waste of time.

2) The we do all the work sponsor has had years to master their sales pitch. Work demands today are much higher than they were when our parents were kids, and the we do all the work sponsors will make you think that you simply send them a check, they'll do all the work, and they'll pay you a check. This sponsor is found in many industries not just Coastal Vacation. Many times this sponsor will tell you that all you do is advertise and that's all you have to do. The marketing this sponsor uses is designed to make you think that you need to be a salesperson to be successful with Coastal Vacation. The dirty little secret is that you don't get what you pay for here. Those who've had success with this sponsor have done so after they sought help from other Coastal Vacations Directors.

3) The god and the upgrade sponsor often are the same sponsor. This sponsor has a huge ego. It's in everything they do. They'll find the highest mountain to tell everyone about how successful they are. They believe they are the way, the truth and the light when it comes to homebased business and they love to tell you about it. Their methods are built around them and therefore are not duplicatible.

5) The lier is a sponsor who tells you they are a Level 3 Director with Coastal Vacations, but a closer look finds that they don't even own a Level 3 membership. Many times this sponsor has no upline support and operates their business in an unethical manor.

6) The big bargain sponsor is a combination of the missing sponsor and the lier. This sponsor will do anything to separate people from their money. Some will even have you believe that you can be successful with $1.50 worth of CDs.

So how do potential homebased business owners protect themselves from these Coastal Vacations Scam Artists?

1) Put yourself in a business owners shoes. People who are seriously looking to be successful in a homebased business should know that doing your diligence is important in any business.

2) Get familiar with your sponsor. Has the person had previous success in other businesses? Are they a leader with Coastal Vacations? Do they attend the Coastal Vacations Seminars? Do they answer the phone when you call? Do you hear them on Coastal Vacations Conference Calls? The answer to these question can greatly help when choosing a Coastal Vacations Director.

3) Do a search. Search engines are a great tool when getting to know your sponsor. Doing a search for your sponsor can often reveal a bad reputation or no reputation.

NaPier shares that successful Coastal Vacations Directors do not sell. They simply provide information and answer questions....There is No Closing involved in this business.

The Coastal Vacations Blog was introduced to answers the most frequently asked questions about Coastal Vacations.

4) The next thing you should look for is a proven system.

NaPier uses a system that utilizes printed, Live conference, and audio/video training. NaPier's team uses a $100,000+ Business Development Center. The Center consists of the contact management system, online movie presentation, autoresponder system with pre-made templates that allow you to send html emails, back office with over 30 hours of recorded training, toll free voice mail, and 4 websites.

Coastal Vacations is an 11 year old association of entrepreneurs who sell wholesale vacation packages. Coastal Vacations offers 3 packages including Domestic and International, where homebased business owners earn $1000 - $9,705 per transaction. The packages include trips and accommodations from major companies in the travel industry, including: Carnival Cruise, Marriott, Alamo, Access, and many more.

Additional information about the Coastal Vacations Travel products and the Coastal Vacations business opportunity can be found at and

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