Church of Scientology Forces Tribute Site Down

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The Church of Scientology™ gave an ISP 2 hours to remove the site offering a tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard, deceased wife of the former Founder of Scientology.

In a churlish move the Religious Technology Centre, that arm of the private company that owns all the trademarks of scientology, has decided that there will be no more tributes to the honored wife of L. Ron Hubbard.

Mary Sue Hubbard played a major part in L. Ron Hubbard’s life, assisting him in building the church, even down to choosing the name for the church. Working with him in the research that resulted in the philosophy of scientology. After he died Mary Sue was forced to leave and, in an Orwellian swoop, all mention of her and her contributions were erased from the written records of the church. Even her lifetime membership in the International Association of Scientologists was removed.

The International Freezone Association of scientologists (IFA) felt that a tribute should be posted up about Mary Sue and this tribute at was visited by thousands of people who wished to silently remember a great woman who gave of herself to support her husbands cause.

“We will certainly not forget Mary Sue and her contribution to scientology even if the church want to”, said Michael, President of the IFA, “I think it is in very poor taste to demand the removal of a tribute to someone who died not so long ago and I doubt if L Ron Hubbard would approve.” He went on, “ Seems to me the church is not a religion for spiritual development anymore. Looks more to me like a money making machine now.”

The IFA president stated they will be looking at ways to reinstate the tribute to Mary Sue so expect it to be up again sometime soon.


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