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Discover how a 12-year-old debt-free company has automated & refined everything that causes over 90% of home businesses to fail.

Prosperity Network Inc., a 12-year-old debt-free company located in Fair Oaks, California has created a turn key business and is endorsed by the author Patrick Snow, in his best selling book - Creating Your Own Destiny. The name of this 100% fully automated system is called Prosperity Automated System (PAS). (It is a hands-free dual marketing system, it markets any product(s) that you would like to promote, and/or it would market the system itself to generate a great income for you). It is currently being used to promote businesses such as Coastal Vacations, Emerald Passport / Profit Masters, Liberty League, Mentors on a Mission, Mentors in Motion, Eventis, International Galleries, Advantage Conferences, Success University, and many other websites and products. PAS system owners do not have to do any advertising, prospecting, presentation, or closing sales. They don't have to sell or speak to anyone; these are all done for them by their fully automated systems. This eliminates the problems that cause most home businesses to fail.

Over 12 million people in America alone are seriously trying to start a home based business to free them from their regular 9-5 rat race jobs. Unfortunately, the failure rate for new home based business is over 90%. Of the remaining profitable businesses, most only make enough to pay their bills. Only a small fraction of 1% earn an annual 6-figure income.

The main reason for such a high failure rate is that most people despise selling, cold calling, prospecting, and closing sales. However, these are necessary steps to operating a successful home business, or any business. It requires time, skill, knowledge, experience, and patience, which is what most start up business owners lack.

Many businesses also fail due to lack of proper advertising. Most people are not expert advertisers. They lack knowledge of how to market a home business. If you are not an expert marketer, and you don‘t know how to advertise effectively, you could spend a lot of money without getting the results you desire.

The Prosperity Automated System (PAS) eliminates selling and marketing problems. By leveraging the Internet’s search-engine technology, the PAS system will advertise itself through already profit-proven sources, tested company-wide. It drives fresh targeted traffic to the system owner's website (provided by the company). It advertises both online and offline to bring highly targeted prospects to the website, and the system takes it from there.

This amazing automated system sorts through prospects to weed out the tire kickers, only serious buyers remain in your system. Then it does the presentation (by showing an extremely powerful 6-minute movie), and closes sales (by company team leaders). So that PAS system owners do not have to do any advertising, prospecting, presentation, or closings. They don't have to sell or speak to each prospect personally; these are all done for them by their fully automated PAS systems. Company team leaders will do all prospect follow ups, answer questions, and close sales. The only job they have is checking their email and depositing their checks.

PAS system owners make either $1,100 or $3,000 per sale, depending on the level of system purchased. There are actually three start up levels. Two are license agreement purchases. Most purchase a $3,895 license agreement, whch is for 36 months. This is what generates $3,000 payments for each sale after the first, which is a qualifing sale. The $1,995 level is a license covering 12 months. Here, after qualifying, each system sale generates $1,100 in profit rather than$3,000. The third option is actually no purcase at all. For $49.95 someone who has no funds to purchase a system can become an Associate only to begin their business. They will have to do their own prospecting, since they have not purchased the system to do it for them, and they will roll up three qualifiers instead of one, before they earn income.

“I tested the PAS system by submitting a Call Back (Contact Request) Form when I first discovered this opportunity, and I received a call back from a PAS team leader within 2 minutes. I was very impressed by the quick response and efficiency of their follow up system. I knew then that PAS would be my ticket to financial freedom, and I was right. This system not only markets itself to generate a great income, it also allows you to market other product(s). I am currently using PAS to promote a new hot business called 1 Step System (http://9515.1StepSystem.com). It works very well for me.” -- Fred Kang, an online marketer, and a very happy PAS system owner (http://www.AutoCashProfit.com).

Prosperity Automated System (PAS) is backed by a 12-year-old debt-free company, Prosperity Network Inc., which has built an impeccable track record and reputation on the values of ethics and integrity. It allows many of their members to spend more time with their families, enjoy more vacation and free time, and provides financial freedom with the possibility of generating a 6-7 figure income.

For more information about this hands-free online home business and to receive a special free gift, The Master Key System by Charles Haanel (a $1,395 value), visit http://www.MegaWealthy.com/412. This Fascinating Course from 1912 holds the key to attracting the wealth, power, and lifestyle you only dream about. The vital secrets were buried for nearly a century. This course in true wealth was first published in 1912 and gained popularity during the early part of the 20th century. Its high cost kept this profound information out of the hands of most people. A hefty $1,500 price tag in 1920 meant that it was only available to a privileged few. It became popular among the European elite and the captains of industry in America. In recent years, it has had a renaissance among the new titans of industry in Silicon Valley. Its rare out-of-print condition is again kept out of the hands of the average person. Now, it's available to anyone who has a true desire to be wealthy! Visit http://www.MegaWealthy.com/412 for more information about PAS and to receive your free gift.

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