New 2-Piece Tandem Pin Puller and 5th Wheel Release

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M & G MFG CO LLC has introduced a new tandem pin puller & Fifth Wheel Release to interface with multiple trailers.

M & G MFG CO LLC has introduced a new tandem pin puller & Fifth Wheel Release to interface with multiple trailers.

To pull the tandem pins requires a truck driver to use the strength in their arm & back. This causes a great amount of stress on the shoulder and back.

The Equalizer tandem pin puller was designed to let a driver stand beside their trailer and use the leverage of the side of their trailer and the leverage of the curved handle of the tandem pin puller, instead of being bent over under your trailer, in an awkward position, trying to pull the tandem release handle.

The design of the new Equalizer Tandem Pin Puller saves injuries to the driver. When truck drivers get hurt it can cost trucking companies thousands of dollars in medical and time off. The driver shouldn't have to get hurt to do his/her job.

There are a lot of different tandem pin pullers on the market, but the Equalizer tandem pin puller takes a simple, straight forward approach to a difficult job.

Truck Drivers that we had contact with tell us that getting the tandem pins pulled is a hard strenuous, sometimes dangerous job. Drivers have hurt themselves pulling the tandem pins. The equalizer tandem pin puller makes pulling the pins safer and easier.

It's Unique. The Equalizer Tandem Pin Puller is the only tandem pin puller that has a curve in the handle.

After trying the pin pullers on the market we found that most of them didn't meet the needs of the truck driver. The straight handles couldn't supply the leverage that was needed to release the pins. With the 45 degree curve in the handle of the Equalizer Tandem Pin Puller, this gives a truck driver a longer straighter pull that is needed to release the tandem pins.

The Equalizer Tandem Pin Puller is the only two piece tandem pin puller. The one piece pin puller doesn't work on all trailers, because a driver can only hook them up one way. This is a problem because some handles are round, some handles are square, some handles are straight, some turn up and some turn down, making it difficult for a driver to always have the right pin puller for that trailer. Since the Equalizer Tandem Pin Puller is a unique two piece tool., the truck driver that carries the Equalizer is always prepared for any type tandem handle.

The Equalizer Tandem Pin Puller looks good.

We wanted the Equalizer to look as good as it works, we decided on a black handle with orange grips. The black hides dirt and grease. Is a good strong color and works for everyone. The female and the male truck drivers.

The orange grips helps to find it in the dark, protect the side of the trailer and the hands. The 25 inch unit can be stored in your side box and provides a simple hook-up and release . The Equalizer Tandem Pin Puller a one driver release system for your tandem handles. Its patent pending design is unique, strong and made to save a truck driver time and money.


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