New Motorized Longboards Reflect Industry’s Rapid Growth

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New low-cost boards attracts extreme enthusiasts on a tighter budget

Electric longboards are one of today's leading-edge extreme sports products and with good reason – they rock. If you already enjoy riding traditional longboards, you will love this new take on an old classic. And if you’ve never tried one before, get with the times and get on one of these boards.

Slide4less has long supported technological innovations in motorized longboards. Thanks to some hard work, we are now able to offer the public a chance to purchase an electric longboard with virtually flawless remote operation through a handset that allows the operator to control acceleration and braking with totally “hands-free” operation.

There are a number of motorized boards in the works, including flashy custom models, and Slide4less will bring the best of these boards to buyers as they become available on their newly launched site, . New for 2006 are more low-cost alternatives as well as some super high tech performers. Coming soon are hand remote custom boards with new and better decks as well as better battery arrangements.

All board designs offered for sale by Slide4less represent cutting-edge developments in electrical, remote-operated and compact vehicles. These are the only electric skateboards in the world to offer truly effective remote operation, a necessity for rider safety.

“Motorized boards will likely become the world’s most advanced vehicles with innovations that rival any other vehicle,” says Steve Steinberg of Slide4less. “They are inherently dangerous, but sophisticated acceleration, braking and board control are key to making these machines effective for extreme sports enthusiasts.”

Steinberg notes that riders assume substantial risks with motorized boards, as with any other extreme sport. (Could that be a factor in the board’s wildly expanding popularity? Decide for yourself...)

“Remote, hands-free boards require a unique frequency and a handset system which uses the rider as the exclusive antennae in an attempt to eliminate interference, which can jeopardize a rider's ability to maintain balance and control,” he explained.

Given this, Steinberg predicts that “these extreme machines will offer a higher level of fun and excitement and the incredible precision-crafted electronics make them a reality for serious riders and extreme individuals.”

Stock boards feature a cruising range of 12 miles on a single battery charge, with custom, high-power Lithium battery packs available for purchase separately. The boards offer up to an out-of-box, blistering top speed of 22 miles per hour.

“These are the only vehicles in the world to give you a functional and safe wireless remote throttle and braking system, right at your fingertips,” says Slide4less partner Darren Romar. “These skateboards are designed to emulate the feel and responsiveness that snowboarders and surfers love. This is an extreme sport that does not require waves, snow, wind or hills. People in the flatlands of the Midwest can have just as much fun on these boards as those living in hilly Sausalito, Calif. Maybe even more!”

Powerboards are one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles available on the market, with strikingly silent operation and zero emissions. It is snowboarding with no lift line, wakeboarding without a boat and skateboarding without your feet ever touching the ground. You just step on and accelerate! You can blast away to top speed in under four seconds. The extreme torque will easily pull up the steepest hills, and the revolutionary longboard truck eliminates speed wobble while providing for an astonishing 10-foot turning radius. The unique bushings are formulated for the powerboard to absorb road shock while keeping you in firm control via the wireless hand controller.

Now there are models that offer all the high-tech performance for just a fraction of the price. The Exkate 3.0, the Exkate 4.0, and the E-Glide all offer reasonably priced options. The original X-24 costs at least $999. Whereas the Exkate 4.0 and the E-Glide cost under $500. What it amounts to is high performance for a lot less!

Slide4less has been selling and servicing electric skateboards longer than anybody around. We've outlasted ownership changes at Exkate and now we're rigorously testing new entries into the market.

A brief history…

The electronic skateboard was invented by Louis Finkle, the first person that Slide4less distributed these boards for. Louis now lives in Long Beach, Calif. He developed the board himself with money from his own pocket. It required five years to perfect and has undergone several transformations, but now it is definitely going ‘mainstream’.

Louis is well known for his interest in electronics, especially electric motors. The board employs a very durable and heavily built one-horsepower 24 Volt DC motor invented by Louis. The hand remote uses a very low frequency signal with the operator as the antennae. Unlike other transceivers, this design virtually eliminates the possibility of the board getting any kind of signal interference, which would make it extremely unsafe.

Production on these special boards has always been limited. Yet the electric skateboard has consistently attracted more and more attention.

In November of 2002, David Kaplan took over the manufacturing of the powerboard and moved the operation to Sausalito, Calif.

Now we're doing some testing of new boards with professional skateboarder Richie DeLosada and his son. Richie is one of the few extreme athletes who has been riding these boards almost as long as we have. There are some new entries on the horizon and Exkate is facing some new competition. The market could be on the verge of bringing the price down for the product, so stay tuned!

Slide4less offers all new powerboard models and also pre-owned/refurbished boards for less. We make our own customized board styles, and we carry natural-color decks and highly customized board styles including black, white and blue with blue tires; black, white and red with red tires; and natural wood with either red or blue tires, all built on high performance X-24 chassis. We also carry the lower priced 3.0, 4.0, and the E-Glides check them out at our shop at 212 International Blvd Oakland CA 94606! Or call us to get the latest on electric boards! 1-800-659-8731.

All of our electric skateboards can be easily maneuvered through a crowd, yet can attain very high speeds. These are cutting-edge, hand-made electric vehicles with no expense spared. All parts are engineered and machined specifically for the board and not "adapted" from existing skateboard and electric vehicle parts.

Warning: These electric skateboards are designed to be high-speed, extreme machines and should be operated with extreme care. Interference from overhead high-voltage wires can interfere with operation under certain circumstances. We recommend operation in a wide-open area that has limited signal interference. Motorized skateboards are illegal on many public roads. Owners of these boards assume all risks of operation. Helmet, gloves, and leathers are highly recommended

You can test ride an electric skateboard for free. Contact us for more information. And most importantly – Have Fun.


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