Can Magic Become a Consumer Good and Sold By Your Local Store

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One company today is seeking to restore the inner child to us all and bring magic to the mainstream. Against all odds, Witch School believes that Magic is real and will become a major part of the 21st century marketplace.

Magic holds an allure that keeps us looking for it, long after we are convinced it does not exist. Our child-like fascination to the idea that spell casting can work is left behind as we grow into adulthood. ”What a waste”, Ed Hubbard, CEO of Witch School offers, “to lose such a important part of ourselves. Magic is something we know exists because our childhoods were filled with it. I want everyone to be able to have a way, a spell, they could get anywhere that will reopen that heart of a child within each of us, our place of unlimited creativity, love and hope.”

Ed continues to explain “Magic, or Magick as many practioners prefer, is real. It comes from our ability to change our reality with our thoughts. It is really being proven by scientists in the field of quantum physics and other branches. What we think will happen can and does happen. All it requires is a useful trigger to really allow anyone to focus enough to use the magick we all know exists. We need a spell that anyone can cast.”

To answer that need Hubbard along with Rev. Don Lewis, a globally recognized Wiccan practioner, brought the basics of spell casting to form Witch School Mini Spells. Each is a spell that is easy to use, focused on a desired outcome, and represents real magick to anyone who ever wanted to cast a spell. Mini Spells are really something special, spell craft at it’s core, very simple and yet very powerful.

Imagine, feeling even for a minute, that sense of wonder you haven’t felt since you were a child, and that it can be bought through your local store. It’s a lot to ask from a product, but that is what magic is all about. So now magic can be sold anywhere and bought by anyone, making the 21st century a very strange and magickal time.

Witch School Mini Spells are ‘Real Magick for Everyday living’.

To find out more check out or call Ed Hubbard at 217-283-4360.


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