, The Global Mosaic: Live Art With 1000 Tiles Of Multiplayer Fun

Share Article is a massively multiplayer, live internet application that connects people around the globe beyond language and age boundaries. Participate and influence an unpredictable and ever-changing global playground. From live art to a novel social experiment - TheBroth is what you make it.

TheBroth can be enjoyed by people of any age from anywhere around the world is now inviting visitors to participate in "The Global Mosaic"! TheBroth is a new internet phenomenon where individuals from all over the world can come together to create colorful works of digital art in real time. The Global Mosaic is made of 1,000 colorful tiles that are shared by everyone. When someone moves a tile, others can instantly see it move on their screens!

"TheBroth belongs to a new breed of novel web 2.0 internet applications. It is massively multiplayer and real time, which in itself is cool and a lot of fun. Artists may view and use TheBroth as a global collaborative art project, lunchtimers may play with it just for fun, and tech enthusiasts may get a kick out of the fun application of modern internet technologies such as Ajax that bring TheBroth experience to everyone with an internet connection," says Markus Weichselbaum,'s creator.

When many people are interacting at TheBroth, the mosaic tiles can whiz across the screen in an unpredictable manner, making it a challenge for players to complete their works of digital art. Players can create their own individual masterpieces, or catch someone else's vision and work collaboratively to make it a reality.

The Global Mosaic exhibits unique social consensus effects, making it an novel experiment in observing artistic human interaction online. TheBroth features a unique implementation of democracy of live art, allowing participants to instantly rate each other's behavior using positive or negative votes. Destroying others' work, for example, could result in a negative vote from another player. Once a player receives enough negative 'Karma', he or she is temporarily exiled to limit the impact of destructive or annoying behavior.

Visitors can make instant snapshots of any mosaic, including their very own, and wear them on a T-shirt as a fashion or lifestyle statement.

"TheBroth is whatever you make it - visitors can choose to just hang out and watch others' creations take shape, or jump in and start making their own mosaic-style Mona Lisa. The gallery system allows visitors to rate and comment on any of the snapshots, plus you can immediately purchase any artwork on a T-shirt, mug or mousepad", explains Weichselbaum.

TheBroth's tile-dragging application was created to share the fun of simple and collaborative multiplayer activities with as wide an audience as possible. Casual players, artists, developers and marketers can come together and discuss any aspect of live art, TheBroth, Ajax and Web 2.0 in a dedicated support forum.

"TheBroth can be enjoyed by people of any age from anywhere around the world," explains Weichselbaum. "It doesn't require any special software or plug-ins to run either. We're serious about sharing what we've learned while making TheBroth - all the Php, Mysql and JavaScript tips, tricks and techniques are revealed in our developer blog."

A unique aspect of TheBroth is that anyone can open their own room to share with invited friends or associates. This service is completely free and even allows branding, allowing webmasters to use TheBroth as a novel viral marketing tool to advertise their own sites and services.

To make TheBroth a truly globally accessible service, future plans include multi-language support. The German language version of TheBroth is the first to be completed, available now at

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