Scabies and Bedbugs Making a Strong Comeback Across the United States

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Scabies and bedbugs once thought to be a third world problem only, are returning to the United States with a vengeance. Major cities are reporting drastic increases in the number of cases that are reported to the authorities.

The old saying “sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite” used to be considered old fashioned and out of date but not anymore. Scabies and bedbug cases are being reported throughout the United States with increasing frequency. In some areas of the country, it has nearly reached epidemic status.

These pests used to be controlled with pesticides like DDT but most of the pesticides that worked have been banned and the pest control companies are starting from scratch. One pest control expert was quoted as saying “The only thing we know is that we don’t know anything.”

Pests like scabies and bedbugs can spread by personal contact or by hiding out in a suitcase after a stay in a hotel room. Once you get home to your house, they climb out and terrorize you until you figure out a way to get rid of them.

They are difficult to get rid of because they avoid light and only come out at night to feed on your blood. They are so tiny that they can hide in the smallest crack or crevice and easily avoid detection. Over the years they have grown immune to many of the traditional products on the market.

Many people are looking for alternatives to pesticides that are more environmentally friendly. One new product that is available is Kleen Free which is a product manufactured by Ginesis Products, LLC. This product is an enzyme based product that is used to clean and remove scabies and bedbugs. Kleen Free is Non-Toxic and Pesticide Free. It is safe for humans, pets and the environment.

For additional information on the treatment of scabies and bedbugs, contact Jeff Kinser at (888)669-5675 or visit is a K4 Products, LLC Company offering non-toxic products that help fight lice, scabies, bedbugs, fleas, fire ants and more.


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