To Relieve Allergies the Pharmacist Says “Please Pass the Pepper”

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Sinol’s pepper nasal spray relieves allergies, and even headaches fast. Pharmacists and Doctors are recommending this new all natural nasal spray. A leading retail pharmacist explains why it works.

As a pharmacist, I am also very impressed that this is an FDA registered product (the other spray I had tried was not) and that gives me even greater confidence to recommend Sinol to patients

That spicy food you just ate cleared out your sinuses and now you can breathe easier. There is a reason for this anomaly. Capsaicin, the ingredient that comes from the pepper plant has been shown in long-term studies to reduce nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing and even chronic headaches.

The “new,” all natural, Sinol Nasal Spray, made with capsaicin, has just hit the market by storm. Doctors and pharmacists around the world are embracing this new product and you should too. The Big Y grocery chain in New England has announced they will be carrying the new product in more than 50 of their stores across CT and MA.

“It is an incredible product” replied April Cassidy, a pharmacist for one of the largest drug chains in the U.S. “I ran out of conventional options to treat my sinusitis. That year I had two sinus surgeries, and only grew worse, and was on antibiotics almost continually. My allergist didn't want me to take more antibiotics and I agreed. This spring I tried Sinol and was amazed at my results. Sinol controls all of my nasal allergy symptoms: the post nasal drip, the itching, the pressure, the sneezing, the headaches and the congestion, stated Cassidy.” Sinol also has drastically reduced the symptoms of my four year old extremely antibiotic-resistant bacterial sinus infection. I am not taking my prescription steroid nasal sprays or my antihistamine/decongestant medications at all and it is the height of the worst allergy time of the year for me. Sinol is a product that I am now recommending to everyone with allergy and sinus problems.”

“Since capsaicin desensitizes the mucous membranes in the nose, it makes them less irritated by airborne particles, helping to relieve allergies and congestion,” said J.S. Lacroix, a researcher at University Hospital in Geneva.

Dr. Alan Pressman, from Gramercy Health Associates in New York City has been talking about Sinol on his radio show “Health Radio”, which is aired all over the world. “It’s a very good all natural product that really works,” said Pressman.

“Sinol nasal spray is an all natural formula, free of artificial preservatives and it doesn’t burn. It’s considered by thousands of sufferers to be an important breakthrough for relieving a variety of chronic sinus, allergy and headache conditions," said Paul Carpenter, President of Sinol USA. The beauty of the product is it can be used on an as needed basis.

The ingredients in Sinol have powerful cleansing properties that work together with the capsaicin to clean out your nasal passages of bacteria. Sinol also reduces pain and swelling throughout the sinuses and along the “Trigeminal” nerve network which controls much of the headache pain and overall swelling that can lead to chronic congestion. Sinol also uses “Aloe Vera” to help moisturize the nasal passages leaving the user with a fresh clean feeling.

“As a pharmacist, I am also very impressed that this is an FDA registered product (the other spray I had tried was not) and that gives me even greater confidence to recommend Sinol to patients,” stated Cassidy. “I have given out bottles of Sinol to my coworkers with migraines and family members with allergies and sinus problems and have heard such great reviews. I highly recommend Sinol.”

Last fall an Open Label Safety Assessment was performed on the new Sinol Nasal Spray. The Assessment provided remarkable proof that Sinol is close to ninety percent effect for chronic migraines and cluster headaches, allergies and sinus problems.    

Sinol will launch its national radio campaign beginning April 19th with over 25,000 commercials on 1,100 stations.

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