New 'Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure' DVD Garnering Awards from Prestigious Organizations

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The first title in the Pocket Snails DVD series, "Pocket Snails Letter Adventure," released in 2004 became one of the most honored children's DVDs of the year. Now the newest title in the series, "Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure," may also be so honored as it receives awards from Dr. Toy, Parents' Choice, The Dove Foundation and KIDS FIRST!®

The new “Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure” DVD is fast becoming one of the most honored children’s DVDs of the year. Since its release in March, the DVD, produced by Soaring Star Productions, has received a 5-Star Rating from The Dove Foundation, a KIDS FIRST!® Endorsement, a Parents’ Choice Approval and a Smart Play/Smart Toys Product of Excellence from Dr. Toy.

Along with the clever mollusk trio -- Gordon, Dale and Buttons -- otherwise known as the Pocket Snails -- and Jake, whose pocket they reside in, “Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure,” takes young viewers on a new adventure to learn the sounds of the letters of the alphabet. Using distinctive and engaging mixes of vibrant colors, original upbeat music and amusing animation, children will be encouraged and enthused to take this next step in their educational and literary development.

With camera in hand, the Pocket Snails make their way to Phonic Island by way of the sea (on and beneath it), photographing recognizable objects -- an anchor, a motorboat, a lobster, to name a few -- to take back to Jake so that he may learn the sounds each letter makes, making valuable use of repetition so no child is left behind in further learning their ABCs. Original upbeat tunes will get children singing and clapping along to the catchy lyrics.

“Pocket Snails Aquaphonic Adventure,” the newest title in the award-winning Pocket Snails DVD series, ” is recommended for 3 and up, and includes educational special features like the interactive “Phonics Pics,” a “Bonus Scene” to help reinforce vowel sounds, “Meet the Snails” bio information and more. Suggested retail price for the DVD is $15.95 and the VHS is $12.95.

The first title in the Pocket Snails DVD series, “Pocket Snails Letter Adventure,” released in 2004, also garnered many awards making it one of the most honored children’s DVD of all time. Future Pocket Snails topics to be released in 2006 include Shapes & Colors, and Numbers. To order Pocket Snails multimedia products, visit or call 1-800-477-7811.

Kate Beale founded Arizona based Soaring Star Productions, LLC in February 2003. The company specializes in producing distinctive, humorous and exciting educational media for preschool-age children and is dedicated to providing high quality, innovative and appealing products that are both educationally rewarding and entertaining.

About Smart Play/Smart Toys Product of Excellence

This special Smart Play/Smart Toys Product of Excellence program is now part of the ongoing Dr. Toy product award programs sponsored by the not-for-profit organization, Institute for Childhood Resources now in its fifteenth year, with the first report of toys on the Internet. Media coverage has increased dramatically reaching millions through all media outlets. Thousands of consumers daily visit Dr. Toy's Guide on the Internet. They are learning about the new Smart Play Smart Toys Product of Excellence feature as they seek the best educational and developmentally appropriate products for their children. This feature on our world renown and widely visited web site is linked to each participant’s web site.

About Parents’ Choice

Parents' Choice Foundation has been reviewing children's media since 1978. Designed to help parents and caregivers of all achievements and backgrounds make informed decisions about which new products are right for their children, the Parents' Choice Awards is the nation's oldest nonprofit program created to recognize quality children's media. The Parents’ Choice Foundation’s purpose is to search out and recommend products that help kids grow – imaginatively, physically, morally and mentally—fairly priced products that are fun, safe and socially sound. The Foundation strives to provide parents with reliable unbiased information about tools to help their children learn, to explore new challenges, to discuss ideas and to pursue dreams. The Parents' Choice Awards program honors the best material for children: books, toys, music and storytelling, magazines, software, videogames, television and websites. Parents' Choice Foundation's panels of educators, scientists, performing artists, librarians, parents and, yes, kids themselves, identify the very best products for children of different ages and backgrounds, and of varied skill and interest levels.


KIDS FIRST!® Is a program of the not-for-profit Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, founded in 1991 to teach children critical viewing skills and to increase the visibility and availability of quality children’s programs. The Coalition is a voluntary collaboration comprising more than 10,000 media professionals, lobbyists, policymakers, child advocates, educators, parents and families nationwide. KIDS FIRST!® evaluates, rates, and endorses children's feature films, DVDs, videos, audio recordings and television using a volunteer, community-based jury comprising child development professionals, teachers and parents as well as children from diverse geographic, socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. More than four thousand titles have been evaluated to date.

About Dove Foundation

The Dove Foundation is a non-profit organization established to encourage and promote the creation, production and distribution of wholesome family entertainment. The Foundation, free from commercial pressures, awards a blue and white Dove Seal to any movie or video that is rated "family-friendly" by its film review board.


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