Nightengale Press Author Jodi Pliszka is an AMERICAN INVENTOR Finalist on ABC and Living Proof that Every Great Accomplishment Begins With the Decision to Try

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Jodi Pliszka, author of Bella & Gizmo's Adventure and Bella Gets a New Sweater, has expanded her mission to the big time. As one of the top 12 inventors on the popular television show AMERICAN INVENTORS, Ms. Pliszka is vying for the top prize of $1 million for her invention the Headline It.

Award-winning Nightengale Press author, Jodi Pliszka, who has Alopecia Universalis herself, first wrote her books to guide and inspire children who undergo chemotherapy and children with Alopecia Areata, Totalis, or Universalis, who lose their hair and instantly feel different. Some children feel outcast, some feel depressed and some learn to accept and move on. But the process of developing her mission in life was not an over-night phenomenon.

“For two years after I lost my hair, I was miserable. I then realized that there was a higher power and God could take the weight of the world off my shoulders. When I realized this, I thought that I would try coming out and tell people my story. I know that it was a ‘God thing,’ so I took the leap of faith eighteen years ago.” Ms. Pliszka found that helping others affect positive changes in their lives gave her the determination to pursue her education and earn a Master’s degree and begin work toward a PhD. in psychology.

“Instead of letting hair loss be a curse for me, I have let it become a blessing. Being bald has directed me to my wonderful ‘soul pets,’ my hairless sphinx cats, which inspired my stories about them and allowed me to become an award-winning author,” she recently told her publisher, Valerie Connelly. “Because of wearing a wig daily, I was able to find the necessity of my invention, the Headline It! and write two patents. This product will revolutionize the wig, hat, helmet and headwear industry. When my attorneys and specialists in the disposable industry told me they couldn’t believe that ‘of all the people skilled in this area, no one could come up with this ingenious idea.’ I know that it took a bald woman to come up with this idea, and I am blessed for that.”

The Headline It! product, just like her children’s books, evolved from Jodi’s personal struggle with losing her hair as a young woman. And now, the demands of AMERICAN INVENTOR and her quest to succeed have cost her even more. “I was told that my position at the hospital had been given away, I was upset for only a fleeting moment. I knew deep in my heart that I was meant for bigger and better things, and I needed to follow through with what I began on the show: to bring public awareness to alopecia and making a difference in people’s lives. The transition period may be difficult, but with every sacrifice comes great rewards. This is my mission.”

“When I first met Jodi, I knew she was unique, as were her books. She has such a huge well of energy and determination to bring her message to the world, I was delighted to be able to provide her the first step on her road by publishing her children’s books,” Ms. Connelly said. “I have no doubt that her invention will change lives by making the comfort of wearing wigs, hats and helmets much greater for the millions of people who do. Everything she does is meant to improve the lot of others through her books and through the Headline It!’

Jodi Pliszka has lost her hair and she has lost her job, but she will never lose her mission. Watch AMERICAN INVENTOR on ABC May 4, 2006 and every THURSDAY night, to see Jodi Pliszka. She started with her first audition in CHICAGO with over 10,000 inventors from seven major cities, also auditioning. She made it to the top 300. Then she pitched again and made it to the top 50, and then the top 24. Now, she is a finalist in the top 12 inventors.

We’re encouraging everyone to watch the show on THUR. May 4th on ABC 7-9:00 and to support Jodi through the coming months by purchasing Bella and Gizmo's Adventures, ISBN 1-933449-03-9, $18.95US, Bella Gets a New Sweater ISBN 1-933499-04-7 $18.95US, and her Bella doll online at the Nightengale Press Bookstore at, and Ms. Pliszka’s website Her books are also available on the National Alopecia Areata Foundation Marketplace website at, as well as on the website and upon request in all fine bookstores.


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