Mystecha Press Announces the Arrival of House of the Jaguar, a Fantastical Novel Steeped in Mayan Mythology by theTale Spinner, C. Charis Coyle

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The Clarion Call of the hero's journey burns deep in the cells of bone and blood. Come, it whispers... Leave behind your world of fact, figure and logic to enter deep into the magic and mythos of a realm far beyond the boundaries of time.

Mystecha Press is proud to announce the release of C. Charis Coyle’s gripping new Young Adult mythic fantasy, House of the Jaguar.

The year is 2012. The Winter Solstice approaches. Kateri Ashley, American teen and introverted computer geek, finds herself wrenched from her comfortable world of fact, figure and logic and dropped into the shadowy Mayan under-realm boiling with ancient gods and shamanic magic.

Earthquakes split the bones of the world and an ancient darkness threatens to be unleashed upon the land. Mankind teeters on the brink of extinction as the Mayan calendar nears its end and the Earth Mother, Lady Ix Chel, prepares to give birth to the next Great Age. Lord of the Jaguars, primal cat-god and self proclaimed protector and mate to Ix Chel reviews mankind’s past contributions to the earth community and finds it lacking. Retribution is demanded, consequences must be faced if human-kind expects to acquire a place in the world to come. It is up to Kat and an unlikely group of shamanic allies to face the Jaguar’s challenge in order to prove that humanity is indeed worthy of becoming a player in the new dance that is being birthed into time.

Does Kat have the courage and strength to enter into a demanding partnership with the Lord of the Jaguars to reweave the rips in the fabric of the world? Will she be strong enough to shoulder the challenges of the quest as she journeys into the forbidden realm of the Xibalban underworld? Before her depth walking is done, Kat will be brought face-to-face with the darkest secrets hidden in the cave of the world’s soul. She will be forced to either accept or deny for all time her extraordinary destiny, as she struggles to master her role in this ballgame of life – a ballgame whose outcome will alter, for all time, the fate of the planet and all her occupants.

C. Charis Coyle is a native New Yorker with an eclectic background in computer science and quantum physics; mythology, consciousness studies and world religions; horticulture, theater and dance. Her passion for tale-spinning, combined with a vivid imaginal passion for all things rooted in the mythic depths have helped her weave tales of worlds that dance in hidden and liminal spaces, both within time and beyond.

Further information about Mystecha and House of the Jaguar can be found at and
The book is available for purchase at Mystecha and most online bookstores including Amazon.

Fiction * 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 Trade Paperback * 288 pages

ISBN 0-9768681-0-5


61 Elmwood Avenue, Suite 153

Gloversville, NY 12078


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