Visionary Rolls out Bonded DSL

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Visionary Communications has completed installation of bonded DSL, which is now available to business broadband customers in five rural Wyoming cities.

Visionary Communications has deployed bonded DSL in five cities in Wyoming. Bonded DSL allows business broadband customers to achieve fiber speeds over DSL, delivering up to 40Mbps of Internet over eight phone lines. The company offers bonded DSL in Buffalo, Casper, Cody, Douglas, and Gillette.

Visionary introduced the bonded DSL product in response to an increased need from their medical and banking customers who require a higher-speed Internet connection. The bonded DSL technology used by Visionary rivals the speed of a fiber DS3, operating at 40Mbps compared to 45Mbps for a DS3 (the equivalent of 28 T1 lines or 672 phone lines). The company can scale the bonded DSL to the customer, using as little as two DSL lines to start.

The bonded DSL service is an appropriate replacement for more expensive fiber links at almost half the price of fiber. Because most commercial buildings already have copper phone lines to their location, Visionary's bonded DSL can be ordered and installed before a more expensive fiber build can take place.

"The speed at which we can deploy bonded DSL is phenomenal," stated Jeremy Malli, CTO and self-proclaimed Alpha Geek for Visionary. "Fiber installs can take months and must be contracted for years. This product provides us with a time and money advantage."

The fact that Visionary services rural markets is also an advantage not lost on the company. In metro areas, multiple Metro Ethernet companies operate fiber connections to many commercial locations. In rural markets, these competitive fiber connections do not exist, and companies that compete in the Metro Ethernet arena do not operate in markets as small as those served by Visionary.

"Broadband technologies available to rural businesses are quite limited," said Brian Worthen, CEO and President of Visionary. "Cable companies and telephone companies both offer asynchronous broadband, which is service that provides a fast download, but a limited upload."

Worthen explained that Internet-dependent businesses require synchronous DSL - broadband connections that operate at the same download and upload speeds. Synchronous DSL is especially appropriate at headquarter locations, where multiple remote workers log into a central server. If the upload is limited at a headquarter location, remote users can't receive data from the server fast enough, as the Internet connection tied to the server has a limited upload speed.

By anticipating the needs of its business customers, Visionary has kept its position as a forerunner of rural broadband. The company has plans to roll out two additional locations for the service this year, coinciding with its planned 24Mbps ADSL2+ expansion. Visionary introduced ADSL2+ in January, the first company to use the technology in Wyoming. Bonded DSL, DSL using or G.SHDSL.bis standards, allow the company to offer services that differentiate Visionary from technologies not tailored to the business customer.

Visionary Communications is Wyoming's pioneering broadband provider, offering DSL in 18 Wyoming communities, and wireless broadband in 11 Wyoming communities. The company provides internet services in more than 90 towns and cities. The company operates their own DSL and fixed-wireless plants throughout the state. The company is headquartered in Gillette, Wyoming.


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