ABS Energy Research Report Reflects, Illuminates Changes in the Solar Photovoltaic Industry

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The ABS Solar Photovoltaics Report Ed 3 2006 shows how solar power development is picking up pace with increased interest in alternative fuel technologies.

ABS Energy Research (http://www.absenergyresearch.com) just-issued report on the solar photovoltaic industry shows that recent slowdowns due to raw material demands are easing, all excess capacity in the system may be taken up by 2007 and development in both collection and transmission technologies are proceeding quickly. So, are the big players in solar energy on to a bright idea?

ABS Energy Research covers all aspects of Solar PV cell construction and solar energy generation. Researchers at ABS sift through all facets of the Solar PV industry to create the complete, consistently high-quality reports relevant to energy professionals, analysts, academics and more.

Overall growth in the solar photovoltaic sector has been robust. Building of solar cells increased by 60 percent between 2003 and 2004. The annual growth rate was running at a 43 percent year on year increase before 2004. Capacity for Solar PV energy generation was up almost 35 percent each year during the same period.

It is difficult to predict changes in solar power component production precisely and therefore in power generation because there has been a shortage in silicon stocks needed for material manufacture. The last two years have seen silicon shortages and with competition for the raw material has come competition and higher prices for companies wanting to engage in solar development. There are signs that the most acute shortages will ease. Falling prices may spur increased development.

There remains a variety of techniques for manufacturing the coatings needed to create solar cells. Emerging thin film cell manufacturing holds much promise because the coatings use less silicon that traditional films and can be manufactured at low cost and in large volume.

Japan has become the world leader in solar photovoltaic installations because the Japanese government long ago decided that solar energy was of strategic value. The United States developed the technology in connection with the space program, but progress has stalled and European companies have acquired American leaders in the solar industry. In Europe, Germany is the undisputed leader in solar photovoltaic installation.

Other highlights from the 2006 Solar Photovoltaic Industry Report include,

●    An optimistic forecast of demand is drawing traditional leaders and new figures to make ambitious plans for increasing production. By 2007, production capacity could reach 5,000 MW

●    Germany and Japan were prime markets for new installations

●    A variety of other developed and developing countries have some elements of a solar photovoltaic industry. , well, especially where they use small, rooftop collection points.

●    Climate change is expected to help boost continued research and development

ABS Energy Research's (http://www.absenergyresearch.com) extensive report was compiled through a comprehensive literature search, the help of the regulators in each country, and industry discussions.

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