Seven Rules For Living A Healthy, Disease-Free Life: New Book Prescribes Plan for Wellness and Longevity

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"The Rite Way to Immortality" provides a proven, seven-step formula for reclaiming youthful energy, preventing or controlling chronic diseases, and improving health to increase the chances of living a longer and healthier life.

Most health books point to a few obvious lifestyle behaviors known to promote wellness, but none address why so many people are unable to comply with even simple recommendations. With promising anti-aging research initiatives and revolutionary advancements in science on the horizon, living a completely healthy lifestyle could actually make the dream of immortality a reality.

Still, most people fail to improve their health. According to F. Catanza Rite, Ph.D., D.H.H., the reason individuals fail to change is that they are literally “slaves” to unhealthy behaviors and are compulsively driven by habit grooves formed in the subconscious. Bad habits foster an unhealthy lifestyle and over time, as poor choices become engrained in the subconscious mind, the ability to overturn these poor living habits seems overwhelming.

In his new book, The Rite Way to Immortality: 7 Rite Rules of Wellness, Energy & Longevity (Literary Architects, ISBN 1-933669-01-2, $17.95), Dr. Rite explains how individuals can move out of denial, understand their unhealthy lifestyle behaviors, and make permanent changes toward living a healthy lifestyle using his seven specific techniques. The Rite Way to Immortality provides an easy-to-remember D-R-R-I-T-E-S formula for living a healthy life which includes diet, rest, healthy rays, imbibing water, toxin-free living, exercise, and soulfulness. Dr. Rite, a practicing holistic doctor, has utilized this simple formula to help hundreds of patients prevent or control major debilitating and deadly diseases and improve their health and quality of life.

The Rite Way to Immortality: 7 Rite Rules of Wellness, Energy & Longevity defines seven practical guidelines to healthier living, citing examples of real people who overcame their unhealthy habits to live the “Rite way.” Dr. Rite seeks to motivate readers to overcome negative habits and take essential steps to make positive changes to reverse biological age and regain youthful energy. He presents a proven change technology with effective, practical tools such as affirmations, meditation, ancient practices, positive thinking, supportive relationships, substitute activities, and many other processes that readers can utilize on their road to wellness, increased energy, and longevity.

“I have witnessed the effectiveness of Dr. Rite’s 7 Rules in overcoming premature aging, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and many gastrointestinal diseases,” said Westminster, CA chiropractor Alexander Le. “Anyone who is seeking high levels of wellness and energy and wants to become a healthy centenarian must read his book.”

Through his practice at The Center For Better Health, Dr. Rite proved the benefits of his 7 rules that includes a diet containing orderly molecular energies from whole raw foods, how to promote the flow of the melatonin hormone to facilitate proper rest, why exposure to solar energies are essential for bolstering the immune system, why a special type of water and volumes are necessary for proper cellular hydration and disease prevention, how Tibetan exercises keep the endocrine glands in balance and prevent disease, how control of the mind body, and emotions leads to a rhythmic connection with the Soul, and why an in-depth understanding of commercial man-made foods and animal products can prevent the ingestion of disease-producing poisonous toxins.

Dr. Rite’s rules offer the promise of a disease-free life and encourage the reader to consider the multiple and profound revolutions taking place as a result of the mapping of the human genome, stem cell research, the regrowing of new cells, tissues, and organs, reversing the aging process, and gene therapies that will enhance every part of our lives. Some of these transformations are being implemented today and other anti-aging research points the way to something humans have only dreamed about until now… the prospect of living forever. The key to a greatly extended life is to remain of sound mind and body by employing the 7 Rite Rules over the next 15 to 25 years to take full advantage of these promising transformations.

About the author:

F. Catanza Rite, Ph.D., D.H.H., at age 68, has verifiable bio markers that place him at 41 years biologically. Dr. Rite practices out of The Center for Better Health (Costa Mesa, CA), where he has helped hundreds of patients reverse their biological age and holistically overcome and prevent chronic illnesses. He has a doctorate in health care management, and has performed consulting services (including advising on and creating in-house wellness programs and fitness facilities) for many companies and corporations. Dr. Rite was previously a professor at the University of Nevada and Michigan State University.

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The Rite Way to Immortality: 7 Rite Rules of Wellness, Energy & Longevity

F. Catanza Rite, Ph.D., D.H.H.

Price: $17.95

ISBN 1-933669-01-2

Literary Architects

Publication Date: May 2006


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