Experts Advise: Latest Home Maintenance Trends Ensure Preparedness For The Next Big One

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Hidden Dangers Like Termites Can Now be Prevented, Saving Many From a Total Loss

As we observe the 100th anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, many homes remain vulnerable to total destruction, in the event of another natural disaster of the same magnitude. Termites are silent destroyers, and while it is recommended to retrofit a home to withstand an earthquake, a termite infestation could potentially minimize the effectiveness of a retrofitting job. That’s because homes damaged by pests are much more vulnerable to seismic destruction than homes that are structurally solid. That according to James and Morris Carey, nationally recognized experts on home building and renovation, and hosts of the syndicated radio show, On the House. They’re advising homeowners to focus attention on the maintenance efforts that could potentially save their biggest investment from the next “big one.”

Notes James, “A familiar sentiment to California natives—the older the home, the greater the need for an earthquake retrofit. But unsuspecting homeowners might not be aware of the potential for a termite infestation, of all problems, to significantly compromise and wreck havoc on the structural integrity of a home—essentially working counterproductive to the goal of the retrofit.”

“We prepare ourselves and our family for survival in the event of a natural disaster, and the same needs to happen for our homes,” adds Morris. “A stable foundation can resist the movement that is caused by an earthquake, but the hidden dangers posed by the threat of termites—America’s $5 billion problem pest—can eat away at the structure, which makes it more likely that the opposing forces of an earthquake will tear the house apart.”

The Carey Bros. are urging homeowners to take action now to ensure that the structural integrity of their homes will remain intact in the event of the next big earthquake. They’re recommending not only a thorough inspection by a licensed pest professional, but also the additional precaution of a preventative termite treatment with an undetectable liquid, a savvy homeowners’ newest home maintenance trend. “In addition to retrofitting, there’s no sense in waiting until you get termites to get rid of them. You can prevent them in the first place, and conceivably give your home a better chance of surviving an earthquake,” concludes James.

For more information on how preventative termite treatments can increase the value of a home, please visit The Termite Institute at

The Carey Bros. are headquartered in Pittsburg, CA.

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