Prime US Traffic Ticketing Season Begins Early

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Every 30 seconds 15+ drivers are pulled over for a traffic violation AND 1,000+ US traffic camera traps “click-a-ticket”. 95% of drivers do not know correct pullover etiquette or how to defend a photo camera ticket.

Traffic and parking citations are invitation-only reality shows. Every ticket’s a crime scene involving fast cars (speeding), big money, and high excitement, especially when you receive one in the mail or on your windshield. (Congratulations, you're busted. $200 please, if you receive one in the mail. $25 or more for a windshield love note.)

“Prime ticketing season (unofficially) opens May 1 every year, but this year cops are ticketing early and a lot” notes Eric Bryant of Cleveland based “Warm weather equals more parking and traffic tickets”.

“Every 1.5 seconds someone is pulled over for a traffic violation”. Bryant added “95% of drivers do not know correct pullover etiquette”

To help drivers, was created to teach the 2006 Tips When Pulled Over By Police and also expose local ‘hidden’ Speed Traps in all 50 states & Canada”.

Take the quick pass/fail quiz below. This question is one of the biggest mistakes that drivers make.

What is the first thing you should do when pulled over by police?

A.) Get your drivers license and registration.

B.) Turn off your car and turn on your flashers.

C.) Lock your doors and try to relax.

D.) Get out of your car with your hands up.

“Smile for the camera. Every 30 seconds US traffic camera traps in 100+ communities reset themselves to click a snapshot and send traffic violations in the mail to countless unsuspecting drivers.” Bryant continued “To help all drivers we list traffic camera traps nationwide”.

Simple solution: “See. Click. Learn. Save $$$ before and after the ticket is issued” online .

Either way, if you get a ticket, links to pay parking and traffic tickets online (48 states, nearly 200 cities & Canada).

Answer to the quiz: None of the above. Get the whole story. Contact me.

Eric H. Bryant



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