Obtaining a Variable Frequency Drive at any Time

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As with any other mechanical component, a variable speed drive doesn’t break down when it’s convenient to repair or replace. Now you can order an AC drive or DC drive when needed - day, night, even weekends - for quick delivery.

consistent high volume of monthly sales

With the advent of round-the-clock multiple shifts, many plants are in operation 24/7. If the plant is running, so is all its machinery, and if the machinery is running, so must engineers be on hand in case anything breaks down. If a breakdown occurs, an engineer will hopefully have necessary parts on hand to make repairs. If the parts aren’t on hand, they have to be obtained quickly as every minute lost equates to lost revenue in both labor and output. One such part, applied to most every motor within a plant, is a variable frequency drive.

Obtaining an AC drive or DC drive has traditionally been handled through a vendor that - unlike the plant that needs the product - operates only during normal business hours: 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. Anyone making a call outside this time frame would likely reach a message box, in which can be left the request for the needed drive. But at, say, 11 o’clock on Friday night, it won’t do the plant needing the part much good if the supplier picks up the message on Monday morning. By then, the plant’s machine has been down going on three days. And then, what if the drive isn’t in stock and is back-ordered?

An additional problem can occur when a vendor caters to high volume customers, as many do, and either has minimum order requirements or gives preferred service (and pricing) to systems integrators or customers ordering multiple variable speed drive units. If a plant only requires one variable frequency drive as a replacement, they either can’t be serviced at all, or the service comes at a premium.

One company has brought a solution to the industry. Driveswarehouse.com is a unique web site which offers a variety of AC and DC variable frequency drive products available on Internet hours -- that is, 24/7 -- eliminating the problem of “regular business hours only” availability. An engineer or purchaser can go online at any time, locate the exact drive or drives needed, and place an order immediately.

Stocked drives range from as low as 1/8 hp all the way up through 500 hp, from manufacturers such as Hitachi and Polyspede. Categories include Micro VFD, General Purpose Drive, Heavy Duty VFD, Sensorless Vector VFD, and numerous others. Engineers or purchasers can easily locate an AC drive or DC drive by specifying horsepower, input voltage, and output current. All drives include documentation.

Additionally, competitive pricing and service can be expected for small as well as large purchases, whether ordering one variable frequency drive, or twenty.

Driveswarehouse’s service has been rated through their position as an eBay PowerSeller, which they have held since January 2002 in addition to selling variable frequency drive units through their own site. The PowerSeller designation is earned through a “consistent high volume of monthly sales” as well as a minimum 98% feedback rating. Drivewarehouse.com currently has a 100% feedback rating.

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