What Is Enlightenment? Explores 'Reincarnation: the Evolution of Death and Life and Everything in Between'

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Carter Phipps, senior editor of What Is Enlightenment? magazine, takes readers on a scientific and philosophical journey into the whole evolving process of death, reincarnation, and the afterlife.

Reincarnation may be a premodern belief but for some it has become a postmodern obsession. And contemporary evidence being gathered in support of this ancient notion is making a powerful case that may forever change the way we think about what happens after our corporeal form passes away.

In his search for the truth about reincarnation, the soul, and the afterlife, Carter Phipps, senior editor of What Is Enlightenment? magazine (WIE) spent nearly a year of exhaustive research interviewing today’s leading researchers and theorists in the fields of parapsychology, near-death experiences, and reincarnation, seeking answers to many of the perennial existential questions and some surprising new ones as well, such as:

  • Is there actually scientific evidence for reincarnation? What kind of evidence?
  • What happens to us at the moment of death?
  • Where do we go after we die?
  • Is there a life review process in the afterlife?
  • What is the soul? Do souls emerge fully formed into existence or do they evolve?
  • Is the whole process of reincarnation evolving moment to moment along with the material universe?

The result is his groundbreaking feature article titled Death, Rebirth, and Everything in Between: A Scientific and Philosophical Journey (WIE, March-May 2006). In it Phipps not only investigates the existence of the soul, afterlife, and rebirth but proposes that they are actually evolving right along with the material world. In fact, Phipps dares to place the whole inquiry of reincarnation, the afterlife, and the bardo realms in an evolutionary context, calling into question our role in their very creation.

Is Reincarnation Real?

Today, interest in the whole arena of reincarnation and the afterlife is rapidly growing and reflected culturally in our mass media. But what makes this resurgence of interest so noteworthy is that it’s not just happening in pop culture or the outer fringes of the New Age but in private institutions, academic research centers, and professional conferences that span a number of different disciplines. And a large and growing body of evidence is emerging that can be objectively and empirically analyzed which is suggestive of the existence of an afterlife and a rebirth process.

“As we consider the growing evidence for reincarnation and survival,” says Phipps, “we also need to ask new questions about how to interpret the data, such as: How does the way we think about death and rebirth need to be updated for a postmodern, post-traditional world?"

Phipps believes that because reincarnation is after all a premodern notion that came to prominence around the same time as many of the world’s great wisdom traditions, those traditions’ elaborate metaphysical systems of death and rebirth and their detailed maps of the nonphysical realms were constructed based on an understanding of the world that was significantly less developed than our own. And as profound and important as these ancient systems are, Phipps contends, they can often be problematic in a modern context.

So, what would a new philosophical framework for an evolving metaphysics look like? How would an updated philosophical context change the way we understand the soul, the afterlife, and the whole process of life, death, and rebirth?

There are no simple answers to these challenging contemporary metaphysical questions but in his thought-provoking new article, Carter Phipps not only dares to ask them but earnestly grapples with them in order to find the answers.

What Is Enlightenment? magazine (WIE) was founded by Andrew Cohen in 1991. It is published quarterly by EnlightenNext Media, a nonprofit, educational organization dedicated to a revolution in human consciousness and culture. WIE also sponsors the Voices from the Edge speakers series which offers an annual calendar of lectures and seminars featuring innovative thinkers and prominent leaders in various fields of expertise. WIE has an international readership of 75,000 and growing. http://www.wie.org

Carter Phipps is available for interviews through Hope Cohen, 413.637.6060.

Visit http://www.wie.org/bios/carter-phipps.asp to read some of Carter Phipps’s articles and interviews

Talking points/interview questions and digital images of Carter Phipps are available upon request.

Carter Phipps Bio

Carter Phipps is a senior editor for What Is Enlightenment? magazine (WIE). In his seven years with WIE, he has penned some of its most in-depth investigative pieces. From metaphysics to politics to science and technology, Phipps brings to his journalistic inquiry the unique evolutionary and contemporary moral and ethical perspective for which WIE is renowned.

Over the years, Phipps has delved into the subject of metaphysics from many angles. His most recent feature article “Reincarnation: Death, Rebirth and Everything in Between” (WIE, Issue 32, 2006) is a thought-provoking investigation not merely into the existence of reincarnation and the afterlife, or interlife as some call it, but into the possibility that the human experience of the afterlife (heaven, hell, and the bardo realms) is actually evolving right along with our material world.

In addition to interviewing some of the world’s leading spiritual and religious authorities, Phipps is also the magazine’s leading political commentator in search of what he calls “Enlightened Politics.” His feature article, “Is God a Pacifist?”, (WIE, Issue 26, 2004) is a philosophical analysis of war, peace, and nonviolence in our post-9/11 world.

His own interest in science and technology led to a groundbreaking investigation into the moral and ethical implications of the rapidly accelerating rate of change in our material world, highlighting both the intriguing possibilities that the emerging technological innovations hold for us and the disconcerting implications that often accompany them (WIE, Issue 23, 2003).

Phipps has presented, both nationally and internationally, on various themes covered in What Is Enlightenment? In 2004, he represented WIE at the invitation-only assembly of religious leaders at Montserrat, Spain, convened by the Parliament of the World's Religions. He has also presented at the prestigious World Future Society Conference in Washington, DC.

Phipps received his BA in Business Economics from the University of Oklahoma and worked in the computer industry for a number of years before joining the staff of What Is Enlightenment? magazine. He is the managing editor of WIE.org, recently nominated for the prestigious Webby Award -- the “online Oscars” according to Time magazine. He lives in Lenox, Massachusetts with his wife Ellen and their nameless cat.

Contact: Hope Cohen, Publicist

What Is Enlightenment? magazine

Carter Phipps is available for interviews

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